Over 100 arrested on 1st birthday of Occupy Wall Street

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Numerous arrests coincided with the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

According to Reuters, nearly 1,000 people were drawn to Monday’s demonstrations in New York, but it was still less than it was the previous year.

Roughly 124 people were reportedly arrested in demonstrations which began near Zuccotti Park. Police also watched banks and government buildings during the protest against what demonstrators call an unfair economic system. The movement began in New York and spread to other cities in North America and Europe.

"A lot of media is saying that Occupy is dying down, but I think the fact that over 100 people were arrested this morning shows that Occupy is still part of the conversation," said protester Caleb Maupin. "We've been locked out, people my age don't have much chance of getting a job, so we have to do something to get people's attention.”

The protestors also caused a momentary delay in the city’s traffic, as some onlookers, either tourists or locals en route to work, were drawn in.

"It seems that Occupy Wall Street is losing momentum," said engineer Vincent Smorto, who stopped to watch the demonstrations. "In the 60s when people were protesting the Vietnam war they knew exactly what they wanted. These folks do not seem exactly clear on what it is they want."

NBC reported that two protesters, Kim Fraczek and Erik McGregor, wore a Barack Obama and Mitt Romney mask, respectively, in order to show how the two rivals in this year’s Presidential Election were controlled by money.



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