Perez Hilton’s opening night in the off-broadway play, NEWSical

By Adeline Waugh,

Perez Hilton, the self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media," is a larger-than-life personality who created his own celebrity gossip website back in 2001. Hilton used to be pretty cruel to the rich and famous, but he has learned the error of his ways and has been making amends over the past few years. Not many people know that the Queen of All Media is really just a Cuban American guy named Mario who studied acting at NYU and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Drama. This elite training and high merit came into play last night when Hilton made his off-Broadway debut in NEWSical the Musical.

Broadwayworld.com describes the off-Broadway production as "The Daily Show set to music"; a hilarious and musical take on the latest top headlines, both from the political and entertainment world. Hilton is said to spoof and impersonate the naked Prince Harry in Vegas, as well as VP candidate, Paul Ryan. Hilton overcame a great battle with being overweight and looks more and more fit every day. He accredits this success to being healthy with eating and exercise-not some miracle cure.

Blackbookmag.com seems to find the photos of the naked Hilton absolutely grotesque and even apologizes for showing them. I find these to be some harsh criticisms and that the blogger looks great. Decide for yourself and take a look at the



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