Psy has gone “Gangnam style”

By Lauren Mangeri,

Psy, real name Park Jae-Sang, has swept the nation. People might not know what he is about, but other fans are going crazy over him.

He has “Gangnam” style, which is a sort of social status, according to the NY Daily News.

Gangnam is a neighborhood in South Korea where people go to party. Checking out Twitter at any given point in the day, tweets keep popping up about him.

Psy performed his song on the Today show on Sept 14 in front of many, many people.

Even the hosts were rocking out. The audience was dancing his signature leg move. All in all, it seemed the crowd loved him. Psy tweeted, “It’s time to turn on the Today Show for history." Even Justin Bieber is spreading the word about the Psy sensation.

Psy put his music on YouTube in Aug. 2012, and never expected to become this famous in such a short time. The MTV artists’ biographies explain this.

Gangnam style was No. 1 on the iTunes music charts and even beat Bieber’s song "As Long as You Love Me" in Aug. 2012.



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