Regis Philbin set as a recurring guest on 'Rachael Ray'

By Meghan Giannotta,

After saying goodbye to television personality, Regis Philbin, after 28 years of Live! With Regis and Kelly the daytime host has found himself a guest spot on another popular show.

Regis will be returning to daytime television as a recurring guest on Rachael Ray throughout the show’s seventh season.

When Regis visited the show in the past, executive producer Janet Annino could feel the chemistry that he and Rachael had on screen.

“He’s a perfect fit for our show, and for the viewers who miss spending part of their day with him,” Annino said.

Their excellent on screen chemistry comes from a longtime friendship between the two. According to ABC News, Regis has been a friend of Rachael’s since her show followed his.

“I like her a lot. I’ve done her show a number of times…She’s a little dynamo,” Regis said, reports ABC News.

While Regis may not have the best of culinary skills, he has expressed his excitement to perhaps gain some of Rachael’s kitchen knowledge.

“I can make a sandwich. Two pieces of bread and you lay a little cheese or something on there. Add some mustard. Bang! I’ve made some lunch,” Regis said.

Be sure to watch Rachael Ray on Monday, September 24 to see Regis make his first of many on screen appearances.



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