Rumors surrounding Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian feud prove to be false

By Allison Cordaro,

Earlier this week, both Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé attended Jay-Z’s Made in America music festival at which Ron Howard was filming a documentary about the R&B star’s husband. Beyoncé allegedly became angry when the reality TV star tried to steal Ron Howard away from Jay-Z, and hostility immediately emerged between the two. However, these claims have turned out to be false.

Initially, Radar Online reported that Kim sidled up to Howard, and attempted to steal attention away from the rap star. A source claimed that she was “desperate for attention” and placed herself in the way of cameras that were supposed to be capturing footage of Jay-Z.

Beyoncé then intervened and reminded the 31-year-old actress that the event was intended to be a celebration about her husband and the other artists who were performing that day.

Later that day, Kim reportedly called her mother, Kris Jenner, to complain about the less than warm treatment she received that day.

“She just isn’t used to not getting what she wants,” the source said.

However, a source revealed to Perez Hilton that these claims are entirely false.

"Kim never even saw Ron Howard that day. Kim and Beyoncé get along just fine and that has been the case since day one."

Fortunately for Jay-Z, the dispute between his wife and Kim proved to be untrue. He and Kim’s new beau, Kanye West, are close, and it would create a world of awkwardness for their two leading ladies to quarrel.

Photo courtesy of INFDaily.com



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