‘Supernatural’ Recap: Season 7 finale and Season 8 promo

By Freda Eang,

When there’s something eerie going on in town, it’s not the Ghostbusters that you’re going to call. It’s going to be the Winchester Brothers of fan favorite show Supernatural. Entering its eighth season this coming Wednesday (after airing on Fridays for the past few seasons), the story line has not yet run its full course. The Leviathans and Dick Roman were the big bad last season, but it's Crowley (King of Hell) and his minions along with the angels that seem to be taking over the big bad crown this year. But how in the world did Crowley get on top? For those who might have forgotten, here’s a quick rerun of what went down in last season’s finale.

Sam and Dean know of a weapon that can kill Dick and they already gathered most of the ingredients, except for one thing – Crowley’s blood. Not the most trustworthy of people, Sam and Dean are hesitant to take the vial of blood from Crowley. The remainder of the episode deals with Sam, Dean, Meg, and Castiel breaking into Sucrocorp (Dick’s company) to find Dick to plunge the weapon into him, but of course it’s not that easy as walking straight to the front door, as Dick is everywhere – literally. He had mostly everyone in the building use his face, so it was up to Castiel to look past the meat suits and find the ringleader. When Dean and Castiel do find the ringleader, Dick believes that Dean has failed, but the trick’s on him as Crowley did give his real blood to Sam and Dean.

Unfortunately, Crowley was planning to double cross not only Dick, but Sam and Dean as well. After Sam and Castiel successfully plunge the Leviathan killer weapon into Dick, they disappear along with Dick. Witnessing the whole fiasco, Sam stands confused near Kevin, the prophet (who he rescued a bit earlier) as he does not understand what happened to Dean and Castiel. Crowley appears at this intense moment and steals Kevin from Sam, revealing at the same time where Sam and Castiel were banished to (due to using the weapon) – purgatory.

Final Thoughts: The promo for next season seems to indicate that Dean will be reunited with Sam pretty quick and it’s likely that Dean’s and Castiel’s year in purgatory will be shown in flashbacks. I’m trying really hard to imagine at the moment of how crazy purgatory is, as the worst creatures ever get banish there, but I hope a year there does bring back the old Castiel. Kevin is also seen alive and well, and it’s revealed that he knows how to get rid of demons forever. We’ll just have to see how that comes along as there’s always a catch with those things. Predictions?

Supernatural returns October 3, 2012 and will be airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.



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