Tom Cruise is moving on with post-Katie Holmes life, but misses Suri

By Daniel S Levine,

Tom Cruise is moving on with his post-divorce life, just like Katie Holmes is, by taking on more projects. However, he hasn’t seen their 6-year-old daughter Suri in almost two months and he is starting to miss her.

Cruise and Suri haven’t been seen together since their trip to Disney World ended on Aug. 5. Thanks to his packed schedule, the Mission: Impossible star has found that seeing his daughter is also a nearly impossible mission.

“I've got to see her,” Cruise told a friend recently, reports People. “I miss her.”

Now that Suri is enrolled at Manhattan’s Avenues school, it is even harder for her to visit him while he films around the world. People’s sources say that they had a trip to London planned in mid-September that had to be cancelled.

Screenwriter and friend Christopher McQuarrie assures People that Cruise has still had plenty of contact with Suri. “I can tell you that I haven't had a meeting with Tom that was not interrupted by a phone call with his daughter,” he said.

There were also reports in July that Cruise had constantly been video chatting with Suri before their Disney World trip.

Cruise’s Jack Reacher is scheduled for release on Dec. 21 and he just finished Oblivion, which he was filming when Holmes filed for divorce.



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