Top 10 celebrity sex tape scandals

By Marissa Pessolano,

Celebrity sex tapes scandals have become quite common. Most were leaked unintentionally, but some were intentionally made public. They are capable of damaging a celebrity’s career, but more recently, many celebrities have benefited from their tape being leaked. Here is a list of the top ten celebrity sex tape scandals.

10. Gene Simmons
In 2008, a sex tape of Gene Simmons from KISS leaked with a woman that wasn’t Shannon Tweed, his long-term girlfriend and mother of his two children. It is unclear as to how the taped leaked but some believed it to be a publicity stunt for his reality show Gene Simmons ‘Family Jewels'. The woman in the video is ‘Elsa,’ a spokeswoman for an energy drink that Simmons was promoting. Simmons has once said he has slept with more than 4,600 women.

9. Rob Lowe
When Rob Lowe was 22-years-old, a videotape surfaced of him having sex with two women. One was 22-years-old, and the other was only 16-years-old. Lowe claimed that he did not know that the girl was underage because he met her in a bar. The second half of the tape featured Lowe with a model and future film producer, Justin Morritt. This became the first commercially distributed celebrity sex tape.


8. Collin Farrell
In 2003, a 14-minute sex tape leaked between Collin Farrell and his then-girlfriend, Playboy bunny, Nicole Narain. Farrell sued Narain over the tape’s release, as it was meant to be private. Even though Farrell won, the tape still found its way on the internet. Narain claimed she had no clue how the tape got out.


7. Chelsea Handler
More than a decade ago, Chelsea Handler filmed a sex tape as a joke. The VHS tape was made as a demo of her stand up comedy routine. The routine featured Chelsea in a work uniform introducing herself, and then cut to a clip of her homemade sex tape before going back to her in her uniform. It is unclear as to whether sex was simulated or not, however; the clip was graphic. When word got out of it, people came forward with copies of the tape and it leaked on the internet. Handler explained that she would send the tape out as an audition tape and show it at her birthday parties.
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