Top Best and Worst Looks at the 2012 VMAs

By Danielle Costa,

The 2012 VMAs were this past week, and they were, as usual, a huge hit! From the performances to the pre-show and the red carpet, everyone enjoyed the award show that is by definition the biggest party of the year.

Personally, the VMAs are my favorite award show! If not for all of my favorite artists and actors gathered in one place, but for the tons of fashion that walks down the red carpet! The VMAs give celebrities a rare opportunity to put it all on the line and be daring and as creative and edgy as they want, and I for one, can not get enough!

There were so many amazing, and well, not so amazing looks on the red carpet, that it is hard to wrap your head around all of them.

So, to help you out, here is a list of some of the best and worst looks from the 2012 VMA red carpet to satiate your fashion taste buds!

Best Dressed:

6. The Boys of One Direction:
One Direction icon #vma | #BooIcons | Comenta & da crédit... on Twitpic
The five guys of One Direction, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomilson, were looking very sharp on the red carpet. What’s great about these guys is that in every single photo-shoot, video or appearance they all somehow coordinate their looks, but still keep the styles very much their own. The colors they chose were simple and the looks were great and young but still had that element of class.

5. Demi Lovato:
Lovatics always with you ♥ @ddlovato #VMA on Twitpic
So, I admit that I am a huge fan of Demi and I try to emulate my style after her on a daily basis. All of which leads me to the fact that I love this look! Demi Lovato is wearing all black, but with the different textures on her pieces, it keeps the outfit from feeling too monochromatic and dull! The look screams rock star and I don’t think she could have done it any better! The jacket is killer and the hair is just undone enough to give her that whole, “No, I didn’t take two hours to get ready for this event, I just woke up this way,” look. Can I also mention how obsessed I am with her tattoos? But, another story for another day!

4. Emma Watson:
Emma Watson make these prints look fabulous #VMA on Twitpic
Hermoine sure has grown up before our eyes, and she is gorgeous and fashionable. Emma kept it fun and young in this colorful and patterned outfit. The best part of this outfit is that it is so mismatched! You know you are a true fashionista when you can make two prints that look nothing alike, look like they were made for each other! Emma Watson always knows how to style herself for every event, whether it be a movie premiere, an award show or appearance. I wonder what she wears to college events and if she can give me some fashion tips for my next collegiate shindig!

3. Holland Roden:
Teen Wolf star Holland Roden looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. The nude dress had just the right amount of detail to stop it from completely washing her out. The skirt was the right length for her and the tulle gave it a fun twist. She wasn’t overdone with her hair and makeup and let the adorable silhouette of the dress do all the talking.

2. Katy Perry:
Oh My Goth! ur face !!! ur dress !! #KatyGasm @katyperry #VMAS on Twitpic
Katy Perry, who is now back to her normal black hair, looked incredible in a gown by Elie Saab. The fit was flawless and was a very classic style with the long train and simple bodice. However, Katy Perry being Katy Perry, the dress did have a little more going on. It had a fun print in a vibrant red and blue with a slightly sheer skirt that gave it that little bit of edge. She kind of reminded me of Veronica Lake with the way her hair was styled, and it added a whole level of sophistication to the look that may not have been there before if her hair was blue.

1. Rihanna:
Dont bullshit me and tell me she STILL doesnt look fierce. @r... on Twitpic
Rihanna can do no wrong! Like Katy, her hair is back to black and she has even cut it very short giving it a very Halle Berry-esque feel. She kept everything so simple with this look and had that pop of a bright red lip, pulling everything together. The back of the dress was open and had interesting tie details at the top and bottom, giving some interest to an otherwise overly simple dress. The color popped on her and it was overall a very beautiful look.

Worst Dressed:

4. Ke$ha:
@keshasuxx con Whiz Kalifa! #KeshaOnVMA2012 #VMA #DieYoung  on Twitpic
This girl usually pushes the limit to the extreme, but somehow it just works because it’s just Ke$ha! This, however, is a bit odd. Her makeup looks flawless, and she is stunning, however, I think she was trying for something a little different, and it just didn’t work. The dress has an unflattering cut and shape and kind of makes her look bigger than she is. It’s an interesting concept, but it just didn’t work in execution. She definitely toned it down, but where’s the crazy Ke$ha we all know and love?!

3. Taylor Swift:
Taylor Swift ontem no #VMA on Twitpic
Normally, I am a fan of TSwift’s looks. She always looks fresh and young and quite frankly, really adorable. But this look is definitely trying too hard. It’s like she wants you to see her as a serious business woman or something. But when every song is basically a huge rant about her ex-boyfriends and her latest video has a guitar playing dog in it, serious isn’t exactly what I’d call Taylor at the moment. The whole thing makes her look too old, and I am not feeling it. I love the monochromatic idea behind the outfit, but not for the VMAs. Now is the time to go crazy and push the envelope, not stuff them with your flier announcing you are running for the school board.

2.Miley Cyrus:
Miley estava simplesmente A~ÇLFKAÇGLASNMGKÇASDNKGNPKAS OMG li... on Twitpic
Ever since the whole hair chopping incident, I have been super skeptical of Miley’s fashion and style choices. Sure, who doesn’t want to look like Twiggy, or get to rock a killer mohawk a la Pink, however, that doesn’t mean we should all go and chop off our top knots! This look is interesting. She’s rocking the mohawk hard, but with such harsh makeup and hair styling, the outfit should be a lot softer than what it is. It has a long train, low cut neckline, sheer insets and overall too many things for one dress. It should have one or two things to make it interesting, not 40. Miley, I love your style, and I think we both know you can rock anything, but this did not work.

1. Nicki Minaj:
https://www.facebook.... on Twitpic">
Do you ever look at an outfit and wish that you could just rewind and stop yourself from looking all together? Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about this outfit. I get that Nicki tries to step over that line and push the boundaries, but I’m pretty sure this has gone way too far. I can’t decide what she is trying to say with this look. The hair is huge and yellow, but she’s wearing what appears to be a police hat or some sort of chauffeur's hat. Did she grab it off of her driver before she stepped out of the car? Then the jump suit has so much going on and it is way too tight. It reminds me of something I would refuse to wear in dance class when I was younger. I just think the entire thing is trying way too hard to be different! Nicki, we know you can do so much better!

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