This Week In Facebook - Go back to school with Facebook

By Meghan Giannotta,

As September has brought those college aged students back to the classroom, Facebook has found a way to incorporate social networking into your back to school routine.

While Facebook has been known to be an excellent source of communication between friends, family members and companies, it has also become a way for schools to communicate with their students.

Facebook pages for various colleges have been popping up. These pages usually connect to each students' Facebook page when they register which school they attend. The general Facebook page for each university explains a bit about the school and activities that are coming up.

To get more specific, within colleges, each university's clubs, sororities, and even major divisions have created their own Facebook pages for students to follow. This creates a social way to interact within clubs and get involved without having to attend meetings if one does not have the time.

The Phi Eta Sigma honor society is a charity based first-year sorority that has chapters at universities across the country. This organization is among the many that have Facebook pages per chapter where students can get involved and receive information on upcoming activities.

Teachers have also been getting on Facebook to help use the social network during their classes. Hofstra University’s photojournalism department has its own Facebook page for students to share work and ideas. This is also a common occurrence with various departments within the university.

While going back to school in the past may have meant shutting off our Facebook pages to help concentrate on studies, today it has found a way to help us communicate with peers and teachers.



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