Zac Efron teaches kids to be patient

By Mallory Hatten,

Hollywood hottie Zac Efron hung out with the cast of Sesame Street on Friday to teach kids about the importance of being patient.

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Us Weekly reports that 24-year-old Efron filmed a scene with his new pal Elmo, in which the Muppet begs for the High School Musical star to play a game of basketball. Efron calms him down and tells viewers, “The word ‘patience’ means to wait in a calm way. Elmo really wants to play basketball, but he’s waiting in a calm way – he’s showing patience.”

After television audiences got their handy dandy lesson, Zac and Elmo hit the court as the furry little guy yells, “I’m so excited, Mr. Zac!”

Efron’s appearance on the show is quite a departure from his latest, very adult film The Paperboy. Cinema Blend reports that in the flick, co-star Nicole Kidman heavily flirts with the young, hunky actor, who portrays the character of a paperboy – hence the title.

The new film is set for release in select nationwide theaters on Oct. 5.

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