‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Pearl Necklace’

By May Chan,
Will Caroline lose her luck without her trademark pearls?

Although Max is usually the strong “bad-ass” one of the waitresses, she loses her patience when Martha Stewart has not contacted her or Caroline about the cupcakes.

In a previous episode, Max and Caroline tried their darndest to get Martha to taste their cupcake. And even though Martha asked for the duo’s business card, the girls have yet to hear from her.

Now, Max is checking Caroline’s phone every 15 minutes and even hiding it in case she hears Caroline’s ringtone (Kelis’s "Milkshake" FYI) alerting her on Martha.

Max even goes as far as calling Martha, a “cake tease,” and giving a dead-on Martha Stewart impersonation.

When Han walks in dressed like he was hit by a gay pride bus and Mardi Gras one, as Caroline points out, he announces that he would change the diner by using a power touch food and checks system for ordering.

Max and Earl are the first to disagree with Han, especially since Earl takes money from the register for Max and Caroline’s tips.

Meanwhile, Oleg is his usual self when Sophie walks in the door in her signature tawdry outfit (wonder if she ever needs a tailor). The cook surprises Sophie with inappropriate gifts much to the Polish gal’s liking.

However, when Oleg also gifts Sophie with toothbrushes, prompting him to state that he and she are exclusive, Sophie laughs.

“Exclusive? Stop it. Go on Jay Leno,” Sophie cracks. She laughs so much that she splits her Spanx.

At Max and Caroline’s apartment, Max keeps calling Martha’s office with fake aliases. As Max is making cupcakes, Caroline tells Max about her lucky pearl necklace, but when Caroline accidentally breaks her necklace, the string of bad luck begins.

Nevertheless, Max doesn’t believe in luck and takes the initiative to go down to Martha’s office to “remind” her how great the cupcakes taste.

While at the lobby, Max and Caroline spot a cupcake vending machine that Han had mentioned. Max busts out a can of spray paint to annihilate the “competition,” before Caroline stops her.

At the front desk, Max and Caroline try to reach Martha, but the receptionist doesn’t quite believe that they know Martha. Just when the girls are about to get in the good graces of the receptionist, however, Caroline’s bad luck strikes again.

When the girls exit the building, Max ambitiously tries to chase down Martha when she sees her across the street. As luck would have it, she gets hit by a vehicle. Max is alright, but will the girls’ cupcake business continue to flourish now that Caroline’s necklace is in pieces and Martha is cake-teasing them?

Continue the journey with Max and Caroline every Monday night at 9 p.m. on CBS.



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