'Up All Night' episode 3: 'Swingers'

By Christina Colavecchia,

Episode three begins with Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) eating dinner in front of the TV, a nightly ritual we soon find out. When the TV cable goes out, the two are forced to act "like animals" as Chris describes it, and eat dinner without the TV but at the barbaric kitchen table. As the two hilariously attempt normal 'dinner' conversation, it becomes obvious to them both that they don't have much to say to each other.

Ava (Maya Rudolph) is still trying to cope with the loss of her television show and invites Reagan, Chris and Reagan's brother, Scott (Luka Jones) over for a champagne lunch - which, for Ava, means drinking lots of champagne and eating no food. Reagan vents to Ava about her and Chris' awkward night at the dinner table and worries her and Chris are becoming "one of those couples at Waffle House that just sit and stare at each other." Ava gives her advice and is then forced to take advice from her visitors when the clan realizes that Ava has a closet full of junk (complete with an old keyboard and a hilarious 'rain stick') and has turned into a hoarder. Reagan, Chris and Scott try to help Ava get rid of her junk, and Scott tells Ava he will help her sell things online and have a garage sale.

At the next night's dinner, Reagan prepares herself for a conversation with Chris and brings cue cards with talking points that she hides under the table. Her first question, about parliamentary cabinet, pushes Chris to ask if she has 'prepped' for dinner conversation. The two lighten up a little and end up talking and drinking all night. Reagan learns that Chris used to live across the street from the ice cream man (a depressing story, it turns out) and Chris learns that Reagan had wanted to work with the circus when she was little. The night ends with Reagan and Chris attempting to (drunkenly) have sex outside. Chris puts a stop to it and calls it "weird." Reagan is hurt and their romantic night comes to an end.

Scott and Ava's garage sale turns out to be a success, until she meets her "biggest fan" who reminds Ava of something she always used to say on the show - "Let go and let goddess." Ava is inspired to "clean house" and gives everything to Linda, her biggest fan, including Ava's prized, lucky mug. Scott tells Ava she is going overboard and that she doesn't need to sell all her memories. Ava decides she wants her stuff, especially the mug, back.

In an attempt to apologize and spice up their love life, Chris signs himself and Reagan up for trapeze lessons - a hilarious scene in the episode. The two turn out to be too scared and Chris, awkwardly, swings back and forth on the trapeze before falling into a safety net. Although the trapeze lessons went horribly, Reagan tells Chris, "It's pretty bad ass what we did" and the two realize their relationship is just fine.

Ava and Scott go to Linda's work to get the mug back but, after Linda tells them she's already had two teas, hot noodles and popcorn in the mug, Ava let's her keep it and decides to get a new mug with new memories. The mug has a picture of her face and Scott's face on it and they decide to drink champagne from it.

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