'Up All Night' Recap: Episode 4, 'Jerry Duty'

By Christina Colavecchia ,

After Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) invite their daughter Amy into bed with them one night, the couple visit the library for some parenting books on how to now get Amy out of their bed after a week has gone by. Both Reagan and Chris are exhausted - Amy sprawls out in her sleep - and desperately search the library for some help.

Just when the two decide they don't need any books, Chris runs into his college roommate, Jerry, who has aptly nicknamed Chris (who's last name is Brinkley) "Christy Brinkley." Chris and Reagan, who despise know-it-all Jerry, attempt to dodge an invite to a "pig roasting party" Jerry is throwing. The two are ultimately suckered into attending.

Meanwhile, Reagan's brother Scott (Luka Jones) offers some parenting help to an exhausted Reagan, which she quickly turns down because she doesn't think Scott knows what he's talking about. Scott asks Reagan if he can have a camp-out/ sleep over in her backyard for his son Kyle's 7th birthday. Reagan agrees and informs Chris she can no longer go to Jerry's pig roast with him

Ava (Maya Rudolph) is having a difficult time finding a man in her life. Since she is no longer preoccupied with her show, Ava has thrown all her energy into dating. The last man she dated "giggled like a Geisha," she describes, and Chris invites Ava to Jerry's party where he promises he will find her a man.

Chris and Reagan finally get some sleep when, thanks to a suggestion by Scott, Chris puts Amy to bed with a pillow that smells like them. The next day, as Scott and Reagan shop for the upcoming sleep over, Reagan criticizes Scott on his parenting skills, impending divorce and appearance. Scott gets mad and, hilariously, kicks Reagan out of his car two houses away from her own. Later, Reagan vents to Chris about Scott, saying, "Scott and I always joke around about how stupid he is." She realizes that maybe the criticizing has shaped the person Scott has become: "I teased him about his girlfriends and now he's divorced. I teased him about his Jay Leno chin and now he's got that mountain beard thing."

When Ava and Chris arrive at Jerry's party, Ava occupies Jerry while Chris attempts to hunt down a man for her. Chris stations himself near the beer kegs and asks a man, "Are you ready to fall in love?" It turns out, however, that Ava is extremely picky and, after Chris introduces her to Jackson, the owner of a Tuscan villa on a vineyard, Ava turns him down, saying, "He eats one chip at a time in exactly four bites."

After Chris confronts Ava about her pickiness, Ava explains to him, "I see how you are with Reagan, and anything less isn't worth settling for." Reagan quickly tells Ava that this "Christopher" she is referring to is actually just "Chris" and has many faults, including toenails like box cutters! Much to the dismay of Reagan and Chris, Ava goes back to the party to find Jerry who, Ava explains, owns a vineyard.

Scott and Reagan hash it out as brothers and sisters do and ultimately make up after Kyle's birthday party turns out to be a success.

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