'Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special' Recap

By Lauren Mangeri,

Amber Behind Bars is a spin-off show from Teen Mom. Unfortunately, Amber Portwood could not be in the “Best moments” of the season because she had been sentenced to five years in prison for being back on drugs during her probation.

Portwood has been struggling with addiction for quite some time now. She started her fame as a pregnant teen mom on MTV's Teen Mom, starring next to Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout who were in similar predicaments. Since the show began airing in 2009, a lot has changed.

Dr. Drew Pinsky has been at each of the reunions after the seasons had ended. He now takes a look into how Portwood is doing while being behind bars.

Portwood went to rehabilitation in California which put a lot of strain on her relationship with the father of her child, Gary. She has attempted suicide in the past and has given custody to Gary.

“I have a lot of emotions right now,” Portwood said, starting off the interview with Dr. Drew.

She was convicted of domestic violence, went to probation and then had a possession of pills, went to drug court, refused treatment and chose to go to prison. It was her decision to do this.

Portwood was constantly thinking about drugs: how she was going to get her next pills, and where. She knew at that point she needed to do something about it.

Portwood’s mother visits her in prison, but only her mother. Gary talks to Portwood every day, but still has yet to bring her daughter, Leah, to prison to visit her. Leah does not know where she is, only 3 years old, and Amber doesn’t know how to explain it to her daughter.

Portwood was an addict before becoming pregnant with Leah.

She explained what she does during the day in jail. She actually works through it and goes to classes.

She has had many people call her a bad mom over the years, and as much as it bothered her, it made her grow. She does not regret being on Teen Mom and would do it over again if she could.

“I miss freedom. I miss my family,” Portwood said.

This episode ended with Portwood saying she has learned more self control, self worth and she’s learned how to accept her feelings about things. “Be calm, be true, be quiet…” Portwood started off her chant she has to say in jail.

She now knows to appreciate what she has in life, and she is not invincible.



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