'America's Next Top Model - College Edition' Recap - The Girl Who Comes Back

By Michael Pascua,
The models have go-sees and try to impress Guess. Kiara is stunned when she finds out she has to model at a jail.

(Season 19 Episode 8) The girls returned to their house and Laura was nervous about being in the bottom two, she wanted to dust off her shoulders and keep going. Brittany had a letter from her sister about keeping positive and she hoped that she could have a top ranking photo.

Nastasia talked to the other girls and tried to predict who would be coming back. She thought that Allyssa or Leila would be coming back. Some of the girls had a prayer circle for dinner as Victoria arrived afterwards. I'm not sure if that was intentional, or they didn't think she was going to eat/pray with them anyway. Victoria felt like the models were throwing daggers at her; at this point they should throw food. She had sheer silence as she tried to talk with the other girls. She claimed that she was anxious, Kristin didn't think she was stable enough for the competition. Victoria just wanted to move on from the situation.

Kiara knew that she had opposite relationships with her mother. Victoria just wanted to call a truce from all the fighting. The girls got a Tyra Mail about getting a first. They arrived at Smashbox, where Kelly Cutrone explained that it was time for the Go-Sees challenge where the girls would be booking real jobs. Markus Barrington, Women's division agent for LA Models, explained that they would be visiting Guess, Whitney Port, Cecilia Cassini, I heart Ronson, and Lulu Guinness. Each designer can only book one girl, but one girl could book all designers. The most bookings will win. The girls were then paired up.

Group 1 - Brittany & Kristin
Group 2 - Laura & Nastasia
Group 3 - Kiara & Victoria

The girls had five hours and had to consider traffic. While Kiara forced Victoria to run quickly, Laura made sure Nastasia was paying attention to the street signs. Brittany and Kristin were first at Guess and they weren't positive about Brittany. Kiara tried to sell her walk in interviews. Laura and Nastasia headed over to Lulu Guinness and they loved Nastasia's look.

Over at I heart Ronson, Charlotte Ronson explained that she wanted All-American girls. At Whitney Port, Victoria was a huge fan of the designer. Victoria tried to talk on top of Kiara, she may have tried too hard as Whitney noted.

When Nastasia and Laura arrived at Cecilia Cassini, they were surprised to see how young a designer she turned out to be. She explained that her collection was fun and avant garde. The two posed interestingly for her. Kiara and Victoria walked in while the two left. Brittany and Kristin were confused by the parking meter and thought that one hour parking was free and walked away. I'm shocked that they didn't get a ticket.

Kiara tried to be friendly with Cecilia and treated her on the right level. Victoria on the other hand was trying to be cheery; again she was trying too hard for the clients. Victoria claimed that it was "easy" to talk to. Each judge had positive and negative feedback about the models. With 40 minutes to go, Kiara and Victoria finished. Brittany tried to run as she tripped and fell. Laura was worried about time running out; with 25 minutes Brittany & Kristin were back. With no time Laura and Nastasia didn't have time to go to Guess, she started crying.

Since there was only 21 minutes left, Laura convinced Nastasia to try going to Guess even if they run out of time. They arrived and were stunned by how beautiful the place was. Laura tried her best to go quickly before they came back. With only a few seconds left, they returned on time.

The girls discussed with Kelly and Markus and explained the girls would be getting average scores when they got home. Kristin was stiff, Brittany lacked modeling skills, Laura walked too stiff, Nastasia wasn't great in person, Kiara had a weak walk, and Victoria didn't fit the client's brand.

Cecilia Cassini - Kiara
Lulu Guinness - Nastasia
I heart Ronson - Kristin
Whitney Port - Laura
Guess - Laura

With two bookings, Laura won and Brittany was in tears that she didn't book anything. She didn't know how to react. The girls did get to have a special dinner, leaving Victoria disappointed. Victoria was confused because she performed well. Another Tyra mail arrived warned about angles and keeping a straight face.

When the girls returned home, Laura and Kiara got 7.5 scores. Kristin was upset because Laura was the total package and she was jealous about how well Laura was doing.

The girls arrived at a correctional facility and were forced to walk single-file. Johnny popped up and the women went through the booking process and were placed in jail. Johnny explained that the girls would be doing a 50s-retro fashion mug shots. Their photographer was Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter.

The girls went to hair and makeup and Kristin was worried about her low challenge scores. Kiara was arrested for shoplifting when she was 18 and it affected her. Victoria was devastated; she decided to go for her crazy character. She channeled her character as she threw words everywhere. She got carried away and Johnny had to adjust the direction of the shoot.

Laura wanted to make sure that she still was strong after last week. Kristin had issues with opening her eyes. Brittany's crime was indecent exposure so she tried her hardest to get a great photo. Her bangs in her hair didn't help her face. Nastasia needed to be aggressive and her legs were finally looking long. Kiara was mentally out of the shoot so she had a weak shoot. Johnny told her to get mean. She started cursing up a storm getting out all the energy and her photos got better.

The models were worried about eliminations. Kiara was worried about her reactions at the jail. Laura and Brittany stared worrying about elimination as they hoped they were safe. The models arrived at judging and Tyra reintroduced Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans, and Bryanboy.

Kristin - Her photo got better for Kelly. Rob thought it was more high fashion. Tyra reminded her to have H2T modeling. Score: 8,7,8

Nastasia - Kelly hated where the eyes were, Rob agreed. Tyra appreciated the shoot. Score: 7,8,7

Victoria - Victoria tried to explain that she did her best even though she didn't book any go-sees. Kelly was upset about the shoot because it wasn't model-like. Tyra wanted more sparks in the eye. She tried to claim that the other models are bullying her. Score: 6,8,7

Kiara - Kelly thought her face looked too old. Rob loved how she demanded attention. Bryanboy liked her, but the social media fans didn't like her. Tyra thought she lacked neck Score: 7,7,9

Brittany - Kelly was surprised how the brands didn't book her. Rob wanted to like the photo, but she fell short. Kelly hated the photos. Bryanboy reminded her that fans were keeping her up. Score: 6,7,5

Laura - Kelly loved the photo. Tyra loved how she looked better in the photo. Bryanboy had doubts in the photo. Tyra explained that Laura came off too commercial. Score: 9,9,9

After tabulating scores, the winner was Laura. The bottom two were Victoria and Brittany. Both girls were the two that didn't book a job. Victoria could bring character, but she's inconsistent. Brittany found her character, but forgot about it in this shoot.

Model Callout
1) Laura - 41
2) Kristin - 35.8
3) Kiara - 34.8
4) Nastasia - 33.3
5) Victoria - 32.6
6) Brittany - 30.3 Eliminated

Brittany was in tears as Tyra reminded her to keep her magic strong. Tyra announced that it was time for the eliminated girl to come back into the competition. The eliminated girls returned and stood with the other models. Tyra announced that the girl re-entering the competition would be revealed next week when all the girls head to Jamaica.



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