'America's Next Top Model - College Edition' Recap - The Girls Go To Jamaica

By Michael Pascua,
The girls dance to Dance Hall music in Jamaica and have a photoshoot on a raft.

(Season 19 Episode 9) We last left 'America's Next Top Model' on a cliffhanger: one eliminated girl (Jessie, Darian, Destiny, Leila, Yvonne, Allyssa, or Brittany) would be returning to the competition based off of their average social media scores. The girl joining them would be headed to Jamaica for their international destination.

Eliminated Girls' Average Scores:
Destiny - 4.53
Darian - 4.64
Yvonne - 4.76
Jessie - 5.04
Brittany - 5.41
Allyssa - 5.44
Leila - 5.84

Leila was excited to be back and promised to work even harder. Laura was disappointed because she knew that Leila would be the strongest competition of the remaining girls. I'm personally not so sure because Allyssa could have been a natural in the Jamaican setting with her Brazillian fire. The rest of the girls had mild excitement for Leila, but spent more energy on going to Jamaica. The girls went back and packed, Laura was excited for having the best photo. Kiara was upset because of how Victoria was reacting to the girls. Laura thought Victoria was the bully. Victoria claimed she lost her appetitive because of the bullying.

The girls finally reached Jamaica and were immediately excited to realize that they made the final six. The girls got on a bus and were greeted by several beautiful men; each paired up with a girl and were tour guides for the girls. Kiara started getting flirty and it embarrassed Kristin.

The girls entered Half Moon Resort to a party with drums and dancers. Tyra then arrived to welcome the girls; she explained that her first swimsuit calendar was shot here. Tyra got the music going as they all started to party. Kiara started flirting with Corey, one of the male models. The girls were shocked about how beautiful the villa was and Laura got to stay in the Tyra Suite. Leia, Kiara, and Nastasia stayed in the green room because Leila had drama with Kristin and Laura before she was eliminated.

Tyra, the girls, and the male models all had a meal where the men explained that Jamaica was celebrating their 50th year of independence. Tyra thought that okay models are either "smizers" (power in their face) or "toochers" (great understanding of their bodies). Victoria tried to explain that she was both, but Tyra called a toocher. Nastasia was given suggestions to do a side tooch for a better photo. Kiara was more of a smizer as Corey agreed. Tyra announced that the girls would be going to their next challenge.

Jonte', body movement mentor, explained how music was a large part of the Jamaican culture, so the girls would be dancing their own routine to the music of recording artist Konshens. Jonte' reminded the girls to tooch and smize. The girls were paired up:

Leila & Victoria
Kiara & Nastasia
Laura & Kristin

The girls would win jewelry and scholarship money. The girls were split up and had coaches helping with different steps. Nastasia was excited to be in a challenge where her dancing skills could come to her advantage. Victoria struggled with the movements as her coach had to move her hips for her. Laura wanted to make sure she pushed herself as hard as she could. Victoria thought she felt more like the underdog that could win. Laura and Kristin were first and Laura would scream moves like "attitude" and "glasses." Laura by herself would have been great, but Kristin looked too embarrassed to really try hard enough. Victoria and Leila were awkward with their movements; they were having a lot of fun though their chorography was weak. Nastasia and Kiara were natural with the moves, but Victoria called them too severe. Kiara hit a split with pure luck.

Challenge Scores:
Victoria & Leila - 8
Kristin & Laura - 7
Nastasia & Kiara - 9

Laura was disappointed to lose, but she knew she could recover with the photoshoot. Kiara & Nastasia returned to the villa and saw their jewelry and realized how beautiful it was. Laura and Kristin had to mentally prep themselves, and hoped that there was a commercial photoshoot next so that Leila could do badly. Kristin thought that she needed to be well rounded model, not just a fan favorite that could only do one thing.

The girls were sent on their bus to their next photoshoot. Rob and Johnny explained that the girls would be shooting with William Richards and would be portraying a woman caught between two men, Rob and their model/tour guides. Johnny announced that the girls get to pick their model. Kiara picked Corey.

Victoria was first and she explained her story as how she was a rich girl who wanted to run off with the local boy. Victoria knew that her life could change if she won; she was warned to smize by the judges. Laura was next and she had to move poses several times. Leila was excited to be back and needed to win; watching her do well made Laura nervous.

Nastasia was excited about shooting as she did well.Nastasia was good at getting directions as Rob gave her suggestions. Kristin was told to tooch her body but she didn't know how to adjust her body; this frustrated Johnny as he just wanted her to model as well as the other girls. Kiara had a white dress, as Johnny wanted to make sure there was scandal in the shoot. Kiara thought the two guys were hot, but may have forgotten how to model.

The girls returned to their villa and were told that eliminations were next as the girls worried about making the "real" top five. Victoria had a chance to talk to her mother and said that she was feeling better. She needed to regain her confidence in herself.

Tyra welcomed the girls to judging with Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans, and Bryanboy. The models would be scored as (Kelly, Tyra, and Rob). Tyra asked Leila how it was like to return and she said that she deserved it.

Nastasia - Nastasia was the challenge winner as she gave a few moves. Kelly loved the posture and angles; she's improving. Rob loved the face. Tyra thought there was too much tooch. Score: (8,7,10)

Leila - Rob loved Leila's body, but her face was okay. Bryanboy claimed that the fans disliked her face. Kelly thought the whole shot was beautiful. Tyra thought the face was a little bit too catalog. Score: (8,6,8)

Kiara - Kelly thought the photo looked like a dance soloist. Rob didn't think she connected with either model. Tyra didn't even recognize Kiara's face or bone structure. Score: (6,6,7)

Victoria - Kelly started with bad news, she thought it was a Celine Dion concert poster. There was no energy. Rob thought it was dead in the face, he thought she overanalyzed everything. Score: (6,7,6)

Kristin - Tyra kind of liked the photo. Kelly thought the photo looked like a lap dancer. Rob thought that she acted too cool for school. Kristin tried to act a fool, but she did it wrong. Tyra reenacted how she acted a fool before to everyone's amusement. Score: (6,8,7)

Laura - Kelly thought it was Barbie/Rapunzel, but she modeled the dress really well. Rob loved the connection from the photos. Tyra thought the photo was amazing, even if the waist could be okay. Score: (8,9,9)

The judges tabulated the scores and the top photo was Nastasia. The bottom two girls were Kiara and Victoria. Tyra explained to Victoria could paint a picture, but can't deliver on the narrative; her photos have gotten worse. Kiara is a judge favorite, but has struggled with fans. Kiara survived and was in tears. Victoria was disappointed and was frustrated that she knew she could do better.

1) Nastasia - 39.3
2) Laura - 38.9
3) Leila - 34.9
4) Kristin - 33.3
5) Kiara - 32.5
6) Victoria - 31.3 Eliminated

Next Week: Dolphins, dangerous waterfalls, and even more fighting from Kristin.



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