Beyonce resigns from 'A Star is Born' with Clint Eastwood

By Lauren Mangeri,

Beyonce was allegedly cast in A Star is Born with Clint Eastwood, but she states she will no longer be starring.

Rumors sparked she was supposed to be playing Esther in the remake of the movie, but she says she will not have any time to fit filming the movie in her schedule, according to the Christian Post

She says she was looking forward to starring in the movie alongside Eastwood. For months they had been trying to coordinate their schedules to be able to film, but fate fell short this time.

Beyonce told E! News she hopes sometime in the near future she would have the pleasure to work with Eastwood.

A Star is Born originally came out in 1937. Then a remake in 1954 and finally 1976 which starred Barbara Streisand. The plot of the movie is about a female star entering show business, falling in love with a male star with much experience, then finds her career to extend and get better, while his fame is declining.

Beyonce does have a lot on her plate which her new baby, which could have something to do with not having a schedule to fit in making the movie.



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