Bristol Palin target of suspicious package for second time

By Norman C. Stokes,

Bristol Palin has been targeted by a suspicious package for the second time while on the set of Dancing with the Stars.

Both packages have been addressed to the former Alaskan Governor's daughter and contained a harmless white powder. The FBI took all precautions in dealing with the threats. The first instance took place two years ago when Bristol was competing for the first time on Dancing with the Stars in 2010.

Entertainment Weekly reports police officers, fire fighters, and health officials were dispatched to investigate and identify the mysterious substance. Fortunately, the powder proved to the harmless.

MSN reports a note was attached to the package stating a more harmful package will be delivered if Palin continues her stay on the all-star cast of Dancing with the Stars. Law enforcement is taking the matter seriously and investigating the situation further.

Palin is still on the show but has faced elimination twice. She survived against actress Pamela Anderson and former N'SYNC member Joey Fatone.



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