Bristol Palin threatened

By Lauren Mangeri,

Daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol, is a star on Dancing with the Stars. She is receiving death threats from somebody since being on the show.

Two years ago, Palin had received death threats after competing on the show. Now on this new season, it seems history is repeating itself.

TMZ reports there was a suspicious package targeting Palin. The package was sent to the CBS studio and on the package it said, “Remove Bristol from the show…or else.” The package was covered in a white powdery substance, but later was deemed harmless.

Fans of the show are not all completely happy Palin is back on the show and it seems anybody would do anything to get her off the show, Inquisitr says.

Palin has not been in such a great light since she got pregnant at a young age and her mother had been a huge advocate for not getting pregnant unless she was married.

Regardless of that, Palin raised $262K in money for teen pregnancy awareness. But not even that would make people like her.

Fans of Dancing with the Stars hope to see stars who are famous for what they have accomplished. It seems some people really don’t like how Palin caught her fame and will even threaten the network to throw her off the show.

No charges have been pressed.



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