Chatting with Judah Friedlander about directing Snoop Dogg in “Pocket Like It’s Hot” and '30 Rock'

By Chris Baggiano,
Judah Discusses Hot Pockets, '30 Rock' and becoming the President

A mere fortnight after the explosively delicious rap parody video “Pocket Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg and featuring YouTube hip-hop sensation DeStorm, and comedian Andy Milonakis, TheCelebrityCafe.com's Chris Baggiano got the chance – nay privilege – to talk to with Judah Friedlander about his "director's" commentary response video and love of HOT POCKETS.

TheCelebrityCafe: How did you become a part of the “Pocket Like It’s Hot” Project?
Judah: I’ve never eaten any other kind of food. I eat 50 HOT POCKETS a day. And at night I have 100 HOT POCKETS, so that’s 150 HOT POCKETS every 24 hours. So they came to me to direct the music video based on Snoop Dogg’s recommendation for me to direct the video. I was like, “OK.”

TheCelebrityCafe: That’s cool.
Judah: Yeah, a lot of people don’t know I directed this viral video with Snoop Dogg. Called “Pocket Like It’s Hot." It’s got almost 4 million views. I not only directed it but I did all the stunt work for the break dancers too. All the hot chicks dancing in it are current and former girlfriends of mine.

TheCelebrityCafe: You are a lucky man. What was it like working with Snoop?
Judah: It was cool. He’s a former karate student of mine so we’ve known each other. He’s a good guy.

TheCelebrityCafe: Are there going to be any future HOT POCKETS related projects?
Judah: I don’t know. If they’re smart they’ll probably hire me again. So we’ll see. I only direct every so often because I have to focus on eating and cooking HOT POCKETS. I can’t let my directing career get in the way of my eating career. That’s a great question dude, you ask the questions other journalists are afraid to ask.

TheCelebrityCafe: Thank you (laughs). I know that [fellow comedian] Jim Gaffigan is a huge hot pocket guy as well. Is there any possibility of you working with him?
Judah: Well I heard ever since this morning…you know the Snoop HOT POCKETS video came out a couple weeks ago and it has a few million hits already. And today I actually released my response video (below) where I talked about how I directed it. I heard that Jim’s actually been crying for the past two weeks, part out of sorrow because he wasn’t involved and part out of joy because he lives for that stuff. Just what I heard. I can’t say it’s true.

TheCelebrityCafe: Is there going to be some sort of comedian feud now?
Judah: No I don’t think so, I talked to him about it and he understands. He’s cool.

TheCelebrityCafe: This is the much ballyhooed season of 30 Rock
Judah: Wait what did you say?

TheCelebrityCafe: This is the last season of 30 Rock.
Judah: Wait, hold on a second. Where did you hear this?

TheCelebrityCafe: NBC ads?
Judah: (Groans) I haven’t been watching much TV lately. Gimmie a second dude… All right, I’ll be OK.

TheCelebrityCafe: What’s it like to make the transition from having a sort of steady job to back into the waters of the acting pool.
Judah: I’m actually very happy about it. Before doing 30 Rock I would be doing stand up every night and would be doing 3 to 5 movies a year so I’m going to get back to doing that. I’m going to be making some of my own movie projects as well as releasing some of my own stand up albums and videos. I’m also going to be the next President of the United States so that’ll take a little time also.

TheCelebrityCafe: I’m sure that won’t take too much time.
Judah: Yeah, I’m good at it so. I’m going to turn the White House into a big roller rink and barbeque place open to the public. Free food.

TheCelebrityCafe: Sounds delicious. Having grown up in Charlottesville, VA, I certainly remember the first time I ever saw you, which was in the Dave Matthews Band’s video.
Judah: Yeah, we were there in your town for about two days filming it. We did two days there and then a day and a half in New York.

TheCelebrityCafe: I was a little younger at the time and I remember watching the video and made sure to be like, “Hey, I know that place and I know that place.” But since you are getting back into directing are there going to be any more music videos or do they just come?
Judah: We’ll see. You know I might direct the sequel to Argo. I actually directed Argo, not Ben Affleck so I might possibly do the sequel to that. And I was actually editing Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln while I directed this HOT POCKETS video. So, I like to stay busy.

TheCelebrityCafe: I can tell.
Judah: And then I’d like to make my karate debut film next year.

TheCelebrityCafe: This’ll be the last question. I know lots of fans like to hear who a comedian likes to go see the most. Like who you would actually pay to see.
Judah: Oh, OK. Dave Atell I would say is my favorite comic, although it’s hard to say I have a favorite. He’s a friend of mine and he’s also my favorite to watch. Ted Alexandro is a favorite. Tony Woods. There’s lots of guys I’m forgetting but, yeah.

“30 Rock” star Judah Friedlander studies Snoop Dogg’s viral video for HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches, “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” in preparation to release his "director's" commentary on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 in New York. To see Judah’s video go to Facebook.com/HotPockets. (Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for Hot Pockets/AP Images)



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