Chris Brown drunkenly discusses loving two women (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Footage of a drunken Chris Brown asking if it’s possible to love two people at the same time has surfaced online.

"The Real Chris Brown" from David Alan on Vimeo.

The video, originally posted on Vimeo, shows Brown in a drunken state “being honest” about having history with somebody (Rihanna) and then falling in love with somebody else (allegedly girlfriend Karrueche Tran). The video is edited to show clips of Brown sitting down and singing at some of his shows, among others.

"It's just like, sharing history together...Like, ya know...I don't know if it's possible, but I'm just sayin...I just can't...love,” he states, adding that he is "not trying to be a player, I’m not trying to be a dog. I’m not none of that. My momma raised me differently ... I just care too much sometimes."

Brown does not name either ladies, Gawker reports, but a suspicious amount of tweets from both ladies arose online shortly before the video hit the web.

“Ain't nobody bidness..... But mine and my baby!” Rihanna wrote.

Tran, on the other hand, seemed a bit more confused over the situation. She writes, “WTF is going on,” later adding, “All I'm saying is.. You don't mess with people's genuine feelings. You just don't!”



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