Chris Colfer’s ‘Struck by Lightning’ trailer hits the web

By Luis Vargas,
Film set for general release after Tribeca premiere

The timing is eerie, but Yahoo decided to release the trailer for a film titled Struck by Lightning in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. The film stars and is written by 22-year-old Glee star Chris Colfer.

Months ago TheCelebrtyCafe.com reported on the film’s debut at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. The film is directed by the writer/director of Saved! Brian Dannelly. It features a strong cast of Rebel Wilson, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney, Chris Colfer, Angela Kinsley and others.

Lightning tells the story of Carson, played by Chris Colfer, who is the victim of high school bullying, but doesn’t allow that to get in the way of his aspirations. His dream is to become the editor of The New Yorker and his goal is to get into Northwestern University. Despite all his extracurricular activities his counselor suggests writing a literary magazine where students (including him) submit a writing piece.

Carson has trouble getting his peers to cooperate so he starts blackmailing his peers in order to get them to submit writing pieces. The trailer suggests that the film delves into the aspirations of teenagers in high school and the things that hold people back.

The film is set to release on Dec. 19th on-demand and will be in theaters in January. Watch the trailer below via Yahoo.



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