Christina Applegate's fiance Martyn LeNoble gets death threats on Twitter from user who accuses him of stealing the actress 'away from me'

By Gina DiFalco,

Christina Applegate’s fiance Martyn LeNoble has received death threats on Twitter.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that the musician got messages like “ I’ll blow your f**king head off!!!" on Sept. 20.

According to TMZ, in the documents filed for an investigation into the matter, the mysterious Twitter user told LeNoble "You stole [Christina] away from me. If not for you she would be mine” and "I will not accept this. I am going to kill you!!!!!!!!!"

The LAPD got a search warrant to look into it, and they reportedly found other messages like "I'm going to bust your head in for taking her away from me!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!" and "You think this is a joke? I want to see how funny you think I am when I blow your f**king head off!!!"

The account that sent the messages has been deleted and the Up All Night star’s rep hasn’t commented.

AceShowBiz reports that LeNoble, a bassist of the band Porno For Pyros, didn’t recognize the name of the user.

The couple has a daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble, almost 2, and have been engaged for two years.



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