The Colbert Report 10/25

By Tricia Williams,

In the October 25th episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert reported on the latest political studies, Tom Hanks stopped by for a special Halloween segment and Colbert interviewed Governor Mitch Daniels about his new book.

Colbert opened the show by reminding the audience that there are 12 days left until the election. Many news programs have been debating which candidate will pull in the majority of the female vote, and CNN recently reported on a study which found that women vote based on their ovulation cycles. Colbert joked that Barack Obama has been taking advantage of the time of month that women are feeling more liberal by sending late night texts to women that say, “U up?” CNN pulled the article about the study, saying it did not meet their editorial standards.

Colbert then moved on to a segment called “Stephen Ghoulbert’s Spooky-Time Halloween Fun Guide.” He suggested some easy-to-make costumes, such as grabbing some felt, glitter and a bottle of glue and going as a kindergarten teacher. Colbert then moved over to his “front door,” where Tom Hanks appeared as a surprise trick-or-treater! A series of kids also came to Colbert’s front door, and all of them were dressed up as characters that Hanks has previously played and the multiple characters that Hanks plays in the new movie Cloud Atlas. Hanks added that the DVDs of his movies would all make great Halloween favors instead of candy, and these favors would help prevent childhood obesity. Colbert was very disappointed in Hanks’ shameless self-promoting. Immediately after Hanks said he was sorry, Matt Damon burst through the front door dressed as his own character from Saving Private Ryan. Damon was angry that he had showed up at all when he “could have been drunk in a movie theater heckling 'Argo!'”

Colbert finished the show with an interview with the governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels. The two discussed Daniels’ new book Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans. In response to the book’s title, Colbert asked:

“Do I have to trust all Americans? Because it’s my understanding that about 47 percent of Americans are parasites,” as a jab at Mitt Romney’s infamous comment.

Daniels did his best to remain impartial to the current Senate race in Indiana during the interview even though Colbert threw a lot of tough questions at him.



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