‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

By Freda Eang,

After four weeks of hiatus, this week’s episode of Covert Affairs was filled with adrenaline as Operation Save Annie goes into full swing. After pulling the trigger on Lena in the last episode, Annie gets captured by the Russians as she proceeds to head back home. She is taken to a prison and gets interrogated. Feigning ignorance of her CIA identity at first by speaking in Russian, her interrogator (Alexei) tells her to drop the act as he knows who she is. Annie knows she’s in deep water now, but despite her current situation, she doesn’t break.

While Annie is stuck in a Russian prison, things are as hectic in D.C. Due to her capture, many of the heads in Langley are frightened of what information the FSB can get out of Annie. Joan assures them that Annie will not crack as she’s a loyal operative, but is still forced to inform the group about what missions Annie has specific knowledge about.

We also learn from Auggie’s sudden outburst into Arthur’s office that Annie has been held captive for two weeks now, so Auggie proposes a rescue mission. Arthur shoots him down immediately as he deems it a suicide mission. Always the persistent one, Auggie ignores Arthur’s analysis of the situation and pulls a cooperative unsanctioned mission with Eyal to rescue Annie.

When being rescued, Annie was confused about who came to her rescue. The moment she and her savior took off their gas masks, she ran over to embrace Eyal with delight after he cracked a joke, “I didn’t mean to drop in unannounced, but I didn’t have your phone number.”

The two quickly get off the streets and heads to Eyal’s friend's place. There, she is given a change of clothes and a to-go packet. Still in a daze, but slowly recovering, Annie asks Eyal how he found her. He doesn’t say much but that Annie has one really good friend back home (hinting that it’s Auggie).

As they set out on their proposed plan to escape, Annie last minutely tells Eyal she has to go see Simon’s sister first. Eyal reluctantly agrees and the two go see Sari. Annie warns Sari of the danger she’s in and gives Sari her to-go packet, while Sari gives Annie a necklace that belongs to the family.

Eyal and Annie now head to the train station. The FSB arrive and Annie and Eyal end up running for their lives. The two end up getting separated for a short while and Annie comes face to face with her interrogator, where she was able to grab an item of his.

As Annie and Eyal return to their safe house, Annie tells Eyal that she no longer has her to-go packet (which included a fake passport, money, etc) which causes Eyal to give her a reprimanding. Annie begins to argue and then demands to talk to Auggie and this is when Eyal reveals to her that the operation was all Auggie. Eyal continues to yell at Annie to wake some sense into her, which worked as Annie is determined to return home.

Auggie uses the message board of a random website to keep in contact with Eyal and so his proposed escape route leads Annie and Eyal to a highly fortified airbase. The best way isn’t always the simplest way out of Russia. Putting their thinking caps on, the two devised a plan to steal some soldier’s uniform in order to blend in. Switching clothes and getting inside the base was easy, and as they are on their jet, ready to head home; the plane comes to a sudden stop. Annie’s interrogator comes and takes her in (again), and it seems like all is lost. Fortunately, Annie remembers her earlier conversation with Eyal about how Alexei is not the original interrogator send to her. Annie uses this information to her advantage and plays on her hunch of Alexei being a double agent like Lena. Exposed, Alexei falls prey to Annie’s words and a tradeoff is made - a new identity for Alexei (Eyal’s to go packet came in handy) in exchange for Annie’s and Eyal’s freedom. Eyal and Annie sail off to freedom at the end of the episode.

Final Thoughts: Annie really proved herself as being a great operative in this week’s episode as she really held her ground while in prison. I’m just glad she made it out of Russia safely with the aid of Eyal and Auggie. I don’t know how Langley will deal with Annie when she returns, but I’m looking forward to the reunion between Auggie and Annie. Joan will be relief as well. Thoughts on today’s episode?

Covert Affairs currently airs Tuesdays at 10pm on USA.



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