The Daily Show 10/23/12

By Tori Kronz,
The Final Presidential Debate and Gerard Butler

In the October 23, 2012 episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart discusses the final presidential debate and the guest is Gerard Butler. The episode starts with Jon Stewart discussing he final presidential debate. Before the debate, Stewart explains, reporters and the like have been down on President Barack Obama’s foreign policy and saying that this is his weak place. This is the place former Governor Mitt Romney should be able to really beat him. However, through out the debate, Romney kept agreeing with what Obama has done. Stewart showed this, of course, with one of the Daily Show’s always entertaining series of clips. I always enjoy these, since Stewart rarely has to make a joke at all, he can just let the clips do it for him and perhaps through in a facial expression. Unfortunately, there were no split takes this time (I will admit to being a bit of a sucker for those). Obama does leave this analysis almost completely unscathed. However, Stewart does tease him a bit about saying Pakistan with a more native pronunciation than an American one. This segment ends, as they so often do, with what FOX News had to say about the topic. They discuss whether or not people would actually care about or watch this debate and concluded that it basically did not matter.

In the second segment, Asif Mandvi and John Oliver come on to give each candidate’s final argument. Mandvi represents Romney and Oliver represents Obama. Oliver is up first and gives Obama’s final argument, a summary of the campaign. Oliver says that Obama may not have been perfect, but Romney is a "dick" (the term Oliver uses) who is always "unemploying" (also the word he uses) with his eyes when he looks at you. Asif says that Romney’s final argument is, “What do you want it to be?” He then goes on to tell Romney’s “background” and first has it match Stewart’s and then Oliver’s (a young boy selling matchbooks on the streets of England). At this point, Oliver breaks and becomes a Romney supporter.

The guest for this episode is Gerard Butler promoting his new movie, Chasing Mavericks. It is a move about surfing. The interview did not do a good job of telling me, at least, what the movie was about. The trailers have not helped, either. The clip actually made the movie seem like it was going to be terribly melodramatic, since it had almost not context. They barely talk about the movie and focus more on the shooting of the movie. Butler talks about how he kind of misses the hair he had during the movie. He also tells a pretty interesting story about getting caught under waves during shooting. If you like Gerard Butler, definitely watch this interview. If you like surfing movies and stories, also a good interview to watch. If you are pretty much anyone else, do not really bother. It was fine, but “eh.” The rest of the episode was decent. If you like the Daily Show’s coverage of the presidential election, then you definitely want to see this episode.



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