Daryl Hannah arrested during Keystone pipeline protest

By Daniel S Levine,

Actress Daryl Hannah, best known for starring in Wall Street and Splash, was arrested Thursday in Texas while protesting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Hannah’s agent, Paul Bassis, told Reuters that she was participating in a protest in Winnsboro, Texas. She had stood in front of an excavator that was clearing trees. The owner of the property, Eleanor Fairchild, 78, also protested, Bassis added. Fairchild’s property had been taken by TransCanada Corp. by eminent domain.

“Ms. Hannah and Ms. Fairchild were defending Ms. Fairchild's property from eminent domain abuse by TransCanada,” Bassis stated.

Fairchild was also arrested. Hannah was held for trespassing and resisting arrest, police said.

TransCanada Corp.’s project would ship over half a billion barrels of oil from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Hannah has been a longtime environmental activist. In August 2011, she was arrested for protesting the same pipeline project in Washington, DC, reports The Associated Press. She joined hundreds of other activists and scientists who opposed the project.

TransCanada has said that it will be one of the safest pipelines ever built, but critics argue that spills can still happen because the crude oil can still corrode a metal pipe.

The pipeline also became a hot-button political issue earlier this year when President Obama denied the company a permit to build the pipeline. After TransCanada rerouted the planned northern portion of the pipeline, it reapplied for approval from the State Department.

Obama has supported the southern part of the pipeline, which takes oil from Oklahoma to Texas.



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