Demi Lovato: Fame is bittersweet

By April Chieffo,

Demi Lovato, since going public with her personal issues, has helped many of her young fans get help for themselves, and has become a role model for some young fans. Demi has her celebrity status to thank for that, but like many celebrities, fame is bittersweet for Demi.


The singer, actress and X Factor judge says fame is helpful and hurtful.

"Just as much as it sucks to have tabloids writing about you, at the same time I had all these issues and I was able to raise awareness because I came out publicly with those issues and then I have tons of fans that come up and tell me, 'Oh, I got help with my eating disorder or this because you came out and said it,' " Lovato, said, according to People. "Had it not been for the publicity and the tabloids or whatever it was, they may not have had a chance to save their own lives."

Things are significantly better for Lovato since leaving treatment and going public in early 2011. When it comes to her celebrity status, she's not concerned with what other people think or what tabloids wrote about her in the way that she used to anymore.

"I feel like I went through a period in time where I was reading things about me online and as much as it built me up it also plummeted me down and the negative things I believed them, too," Lovato said. "The word 'celebrity,' I just cringe when I hear it."



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