Demi Lovato: I’m not a Barbie doll

By April Chieffo,
Demi Lovato inspires fans at the Z Festival

Since getting treatment, Demi Lovato has made it her responsibility to lead by example. The 20-year-old struggled with an eating disorder, cutting, bullying and drug use as a teen, but is now using her celebrity to help other teens get through their troubles and inspire them to overcome it.

Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” won the VMA for Best Video with a Message this year, and prior to performing it at the Z Festival, she sent a positive message to her fans through a speech about Barbie.

“I’ve been through so much in my 20 years of life,” she said. “I’ve obviously been to treatment, been getting help and…It’s very important that I share this story with you guys. I know there are a lot of you guys in this audience tonight that have dealt with bullying, that have dealt with an eating disorder, self harm or substance abuse. I know how you guys feel and I want to show you guys that you can get through it because I’m living proof right here.”

A fan had thrown a Barbie on stage, and she shared she used to want to be just as perfect as her.

“I think it’s really funny somebody threw a Barbie doll on stage. But it’s kind of ironic because I spent my whole life trying to be this and trying to look like this,” she said. “And guess what? I’m not this. And it means the world to me that you guys still love me no matter what.”

Before she started her song, she threw the Barbie, signifying her strength.

“Thank you guys for inspiring me.”

Image: Fox



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