‘Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23’ Recap: Wishful Beginnings

By Freda Eang,

Returning with its sophomore season, Don’t Trust the B---in Apt. 23 continues to make us laugh as the outings of Chloe, June, and James are quite unpredictable.

The season opens with Chloe, June, and Luther standing at Central Park watching a boat burn in the middle of the lake. It’s apparently for the death of James Van Der Beek, which was strange as James can’t be dead.

The story flashes back to a few days earlier where James come in reading a fan mail about a possible Dawson Creek reunion out loud to June and Chloe. June is horrified when James throws the mail away as she is an avid fan of the show. She makes it her mission to convince James in agreeing to do the reunion. James eventually agrees, and June is ecstatic, but little does she know that the fan mail isn’t real at all – Chloe has been writing them for the past few years.

James later finds out the truth about the fan mail and gets really disappointed. During his down time, he ponders aimlessly and decides to still go through with the reunion and it becomes a complete disaster as nobody wants to do it. He finds out the reason why when Busy Philipps pops into town and he tries to make amends, but it’s too late. The deed is done and cannot be salvaged. James shortly after spirals into an obsession with getting a reunion together, which brings us face to face with familiar old television stars like Frankie Muniz and Mark Paul Gosselaar. (Oh how childhood memories of Malcolm in the Middle and Save by the Bell come flying back this instance.)

Everybody turns James away and it’s not until Mark gives him a speech about learning to let go of the past did James finally do so. He burns everything Dawson related at the lake. Goodbye Dawson Leary.

Final Thoughts: When the theme song of Dawson’s Creek came on near the end of the episode, I wanted die because it brought back so many memories. I recently rewatched the entire series this summer and let’s say Pacey and Joey are still my favorites. On the contrary, this episode was very refreshing as many familiar faces of television past made an appearance. I hope they can invite more celebrities to guest star in the show. Also, I thought Chloe was a great friend to James, despite always using him to her advantage. Did anyone else enjoy the episode? Thoughts of other celebrities that should appear?

Don’t Trust the B----in Apt. 23 airs every Tuesday at 9:30pm on ABC.



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