Elaborate prank at Ashton Kutcher's home to cost $10,000

By Megan Kummer,

The anonymous prankster who reported a fake hostage situation at Ashton Kutcher’s Los Angeles home this week has reportedly cost Los Angeles taxpayers at least $10,000 in wasted resources.

It all began late Wednesday morning around 11am when L.A.P.D officers received a teletext -- a text to voice message intended for the deaf as an alternative to 911-- from an unidentified woman. A Los Angeles Police Department source spoke to MailOnline, stating, “A female called saying there were some men on the residence. The officers arrived and detained three people.”

The woman claimed that armed Russian burglars had entered the property and that she had locked herself in a closet. The message also claimed that multiple shots had been fired.

Dozens of armed officers broke into the Hollywood Hills home to find no sign of the frantic caller. Kutcher and the home he had recently purchased after his split with Demi Moore turned out to be the butt of an elaborate prank. Kutcher was not home at the time of the bogus invasion, and tweeted to reassure fans that he was “Safe and sound." The house was occupied only by three of Kutcher’s employees.

TMZ now reports that law enforcement sources believe that the situation will cost the Los Angeles community $10, 000 or more in manpower, yet they are still in the process of ascertaining the full extent of wasted time and effort. Units from multiple divisions of the L.A.P.D. were called to the scene and even a helicopter was dispatched.

Police enforcement officials and the city of Los Angeles have vowed to find and prosecute the prank’s culprit for restitution.



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