Ellen DeGeneres awarded Mark Twain Award for Humor

By Jon Hall,
Becomes 15th Recipient of the Mark Twain Award for Humor

Ellen DeGeneres, the 54-year-old talk show host famous for her comedy, was awarded the Mark Twain Award for Humor at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington D.C. Past winners include Will Ferrell, Bill Cosby and Tina Fey.

According to New York Times, DeGeneres is the 15th recipient of the award.

"I just thought I’d be a closeted gay comedian wearing parachute pants,” DeGeneres said while accepting the award.

The Daytime Emmy winner was presented with the Mark Twain Award for having an impact on society in America similar to the way the famed writer had done according to the Kennedy Center. However, in her speech, DeGeneres revealed that she has not read the writing icon's works.

“I’ve never read Mark Twain," she said. “But to be fair, he’s never seen my HBO specials.”

DeGeneres was praised for her advocacy involvement with gay rights. Glee star, Jayne Lynch was one of many gay presenters of the evening.

“I’m pretty darn sure I could not have the career I have, that I could not live as openly as I’ve lived, if it hadn’t been for you,” Lynch said. “You really took one for the team.”

Her talk show is entering its 10th season and her awards continue to pile up. From Daytime Emmys to People's choice, DeGeneres' remarkable career has continued to make lasting marks on the entertainment industry. After receiving the Mark Twain Award, it is now official.



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