'Family Guy' Season 11 Episode 1: Into Fat Air

By Luis Vargas,
‘Family Guy’ stays strong with laughter after 10 seasons

Family Guy kicked off last Sunday with an episode that focused completely on the Griffins and a trek to a snowy Mount Everest. The Griffins visit the Fishmans for dinner. Ross Fishman is Lois firs boyfriend, which makes Peter feel jealous. In his words he feels like the Scotty Pippen to his Michael Jordan. As a result Peter takes his shirt off at the dinner table and rubs olive oil on his body to show off his pecs.

Ross is a wealthy professional who travels a lot with his son and wife. Peter bites off more than he can chew when he invites himself and the rest of the Griffins on Fishman’s climb up Mount Everest. He regrets opening his mouth and tells Lois to make up an “good excuse,” which for him means telling Ross that he can’t go because he is a pathological liar that has to go to court because of pending child rape charge, however Lois wants to show up the Fishmans and convinces everyone to go on the trip.

The climb to the top proved to be a tough feat for the Griffins. The cold really bothered Stewie, but Brian advised him to think of some place warm. Stewie’s flashback resulted in one of the best moments of the show. Stewie was featured in a montage set to background music of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” where he embarked on a glamorous trip to Las Vegas that turned horribly dark.

At first everything was upbeat and groovy, but when he started losing money he went broke, women left him and he ended up strangling a woman in the bathtub before heading back home a broken man on a heated bus.

Peter drinks beer at high altitudes because he hears it makes the alcohol go to your head faster. In 20 seconds he goes through all the phases of being drunk and passes out.

The Griffins reach the top of Mount Everest, but are still bested by the Fishmans. Brian still emerges victorious in the “dog world” y peeing on the mountain he has marked his territory and whoever claims the highest territory rules the world.

On the way back a storm comes and causes trouble for the Griffins and tragedy for the Fishman as their son Ben freezes to death when he gets separated from his parents. The Griffins debate on whether or not they should eat him. Before they come to a decision Peter takes a munch out of Ben’s arm. They eat Ben to stay alive and on the way down they run into the Fishman’s, who explain that they are going up to find Ben.

The reach the bottom, but Lois convinces her family to do the right thing and go back to help the Fishmans. They find both parents unconscious at the bottom of a crevice. They tie Peter to a rope and lower him down the crevice. Peter is able to save both of them and grab a rock he likes.

As the show ends the Fishmans are taken to a hospital in a rescue hospital. They are tremendously grateful that Peter saved their lives, but might feel differently after Peter told them that he ate their son Ben.



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