FIFA 13 launches new campaign featuring Snoop Lion, A$AP Rocky and others

By Luis Vargas,
Watch the two rappers face head-to-head

As many gamers surely know the popular FIFA 13 became available to purchase on U.S. soil September 25 for Xbox 360 and PS3. What many people probably didn’t know is that Snoop Lion, one of the new celebrity endorsers of the game, is actually pretty good at it.

Rapper Snoop Lion (it still feels weird to call him that) is not the only celebrity featured in the new ad for the video game. A$AP Rocky, NFL player Andrew Luck, FIFA Best Player Lionel Messi and ex-Mexican international Monica Gonzalez all show their enthusiasm for the game.

Also in a classic West Coast vs. East Coast match hip-hop legend Snoop Lion takes on Harlem’s A$AP Rocky in a match that pits the L.A. Galaxy against the New York Red Bulls.

It would prove to be no contest, as Snoop Lion would head the first goal in before slotting the other two goals. Both showed good sportsmanship and shook hands at the end. Watch the match below via KickTV.

You can purchase your copy of the game on Amazon.



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