Frustrated viewers unable to log on to watch Rumble 2012 take to Twitter to complain

By Angela Corry,

The highly anticipated Rumble 2012 between Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Bill O'Reilly of is a minor dispute compared to the overwhelming number of viewers who paid their 5 bucks to see the "fight" stream live and can't get access.

Many are taking to Twitter to complain.

The most retweeted comment is from Robert Workman ‏@TheDCD:

The #rumble2012 isn't between Stewart and O'Reilly. It's between potential viewers and the official website. #losingbattle

Other comments coming in as people get more frustrated with the epic fail of the website.

Kevin says:

...and the only rumble being heard is that of the heads of server admins and an entire IT department. #Rumble2012 #NoWorky

While Lenny says:

Someone better call Al Gore cause Jon Stewart broke my damn internet!!! WTF #Rumble2012

Erica has a zinger with:

Erica Payne ‏@EricaPayneAP
The servers that were supposed to broadcast #Rumble2012 are showing about as much life as Obama did on Weds. #Zinger

Donna summed it up well:
#rumble2012 appears to be a disaster as website crashes. There are many pissed off Jon Stewart fans & boy are they being sarcastic about it!

The Wall Street Journal is having issues and can't live blog as promised. They are getting reports that people are hosting viewing parties and there's nothing to view. The Frankenweenie premiere is looking like a better choice over there now.

The Huffington Post is also offering live updates on their site.

We'd love to, but we're sitting here without online access just like you. #feelingyourpain @celcafe



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