‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 10/8-10/12

By Sari N. Kent,
Anna came face-to-face with a not so dead Duke Lavery. Tea came to Port Charles in search of baby Victor. Jason told Sam that her baby was alive but that Heather kidnapped him.

In a Swiss hospital room, Duke told an unconscious Robin that he never wanted to hurt her or her mother. He added that Heather was responsible for giving Anna hope. He then promised to reunite Robin with Anna, but said that it had to be carefully orchestrated. Then, the doctor who caught Luke and Anna arrived and told him that the incompetent staff at Ferncliff gave Robin too high a dose of electroshock and that she may forever be comatose. Duke then pulled out an old picture of Anna. He told the doctor that circumstances had kept him and Anna apart, but now he could go back to her, mend her broken heart and very soon everyone would know Robin was alive. The doctor then asked Duke about Luke and told him that he seemed devoted to Anna. Duke wasn’t concerned about Luke.

In her office, Anna was working on finding Joe Jr. when John showed up with an update for her about Heather. He told her that she went to Llanview, pretended to be a nanny and stole Tea’s baby. Anna wondered why Heather chose this baby. John then told how Heather and Todd conspired to switch the babies and Tea still doesn’t know the baby isn’t hers and that her baby died. Anna felt for Tea thinking how she will lose her baby all over again once she learns the truth. She then vowed to make sure Heather paid for her crimes. Suddenly, Anna got faint since she hadn’t eaten or slept in a while. John then sent her home telling her that she had to stay sharp to beat Heather.

Jason pounded on Steve’s door. He asked if Heather had been there but she hadn’t. Steve wanted to know if this was about Tea’s baby. Jason then confirmed the switch. The baby Tea took back to Llanview was Sam’s, but now the baby was gone and so was his nanny - Heather. Steve demanded that Sam be told but Jason didn’t want her to know until the baby was safe. Steve thought Heather could sell the baby and things could get dangerous and asked Jason, “Doesn’t Sam deserve to know?”

Outside his room, Todd asked his PI if he had found Heather, but he hadn’t. Inside, Carly woke up. Todd had ordered her favorite foods and made sure Joss was off safely to school. She told him that she couldn’t stop thinking there was something else Johnny wasn’t telling her. Todd then held Carly’s hand and told her how amazing she was and how she could do so much better than Johnny. She agreed and told him that she had better, namely Jax, who she divorced for Johnny. She was mad at herself and Todd encouraged her to call in sick so they could watch a movie and eat popcorn. Later, Todd offered to scrub her back … and her front. She laughed and was thankful that he made her feel better. After Carly left, John showed up and told Todd that he knew what had done.

Spinelli rushed into Alexis’ house at Sam’s call. She wanted to know what Jason was keeping from her. Spinelli stalled but she bypassed his tricks. Spinelli told her that he was loyal to them both, but he didn’t know what Jason might be trying to tell her. Then, he tried to leave but she wouldn’t let him because she was sure Spinelli knew and asked if it had to do with the baby case she overheard him talking about. He told her that was confidential. Then, she grabbed him and screamed at him that he needed to tell her before she hurt him. Then, he told that her there was the possibility of something but she had to ask Jason. He then snuck out the door and dashed off. Later, Jason arrived and told her that she needed to sit down. He then told her that her son was still alive.

Maxie went to the hospital to dig up dirt on Ellie. Ellie saw Maxie and commented that the wedding was one of the best dates of her life. Later, Ellie and Spinelli spent the evening together at the observatory. Maxie worried that they had sex, which signaled to Ellie that Maxie might still like Spinelli. Maxie then asked Ellie, “Isn’t your husband, the wrench murderer, in jail?” Maxie then told Ellie that she didn’t want Spinelli to get hurt again. Ellie replied that she knew all about Maxie and Spinelli’s history and thought it was great that Maxie and Spin could be friends now that they were both in relationships. Maxie assured her being friends with Spinelli was the last thing she wanted. Then, Spinelli arrived to take Ellie on a picnic. Ellie hoped that she and Maxie could do girl talk again then she and Spinelli left.

Anna returned home to find her door was ajar. She pulled a gun out on the intruder. Then, to her shock, a very much alive Duke turned around.

At the PCPD, Dante told Olivia about Joe Jr. kidnapping and trying to kill Kristina and that now Joe Jr. was on the run. “At least with him there is a blood trail. There is no telling where Heather is,” Dante told his mother. Olivia then told Dante that she had a hallucination about Heather last night and that she thought that her visions were more like premonitions. Dante played along and asked her if she saw Heather with a baby. Olivia said she didn’t. But, she did see Dante and Lulu with a baby and that there was one thing she knew for sure. That they were “going to make the most adorable parents.”

Lulu got to her and Dante’s the apartment set for some baby-making time. She heard the door open and took off her robe, but it was just Luke back from Europe. He wondered if he missed anything other than Jerry’s rampage. She then informed him that Heather had escaped. Luke wasn’t concerned and told Lulu that he was sure that Heather was done with him. Lulu thought it was weird that Luke and Anna didn’t come back to town together. Then, Luke explained how they had gotten closer in Switzerland but Anna left when he told her he had lied to Robert about Ethan being his son and not Luke’s. Anna then insisted that he track down Robert and come clean. He eventually found him and Holly trying to track down Ethan. He told Robert the truth and blows were exchanged. Then, he found Ethan in Budapest having the time of his life. Lulu hoped Luke and Anna could move forward from this. Later, Dante came home and told Lulu that Olivia had another vision of them with a baby and that he was just there to change and refuel. She wondered if, “That’s what the kids were calling it.” Then, they started yet another baby-making session.

Anna pulled a gun on the intruder in her hotel room. It was Duke! But she told him that she was holding Duke when he died. Duke revealed that the man who claimed to be him was a plant from Julian Jerome and that he had been in a Turkish prison all this time and just recently managed to escape. Duke then added that would have done anything to get back to her and Robin. He then demanded to see Robin so she could confirm to Anna that he was really Duke. Then, Anna choked out that Robin was dead, just like Duke was. She then made Duke turn around and began to cuff him for breaking and entering and fraud. Duke just laughed and he told her how she has owned him since the night they met. “A love like we had was pretty rare,” he told her. Then, he repeated words of love he spoke to her long ago and begged her to remember too. He added that he had missed her, fought, escaped and here he was back for her. Then, Anna realized it really was Duke and they clung to each other. Later, Luke walked in and interrupted their embrace.

Todd opened his door to John. John told him that he knew what had done to Sam and her baby. Then, Todd tried to usher him out John wouldn’t budge. “Sam’s baby didn’t die but you already knew that, didn’t you?” John accused Todd. Todd, with his game face on, denied being involved in any baby switching. John then told Todd that he had the proof but Todd still played dumb. Then, John said that he wanted to be the one to tell Tea the baby wasn’t hers but then John informed Todd that he couldn’t because the baby was gone.

Heather showed up at Steve’s with his new “baby brother.” Steve wanted to call someone and told Heather how she must realize how wrong this was. Steve wanted to check the baby but she pulled away. He insisted and pulled back a blanket to reveal there wasn’t any baby with her at all. Heather then told Steve that she thought it was best if they were alone for their reunion. Plus, if anything happens to her no one would see the baby again. Steve wanted to give the baby back to Sam. Heather then grabbed her things to leave but Steve stopped her, told her that he didn’t want her to disappear out of his life again and that maybe they could make this work. Then, he hugged her and begged her to take him to the baby. She asked to go freshen up first and when she stepped out he called Dante. She watched him make the call. Later, Olivia walked in and Steve was knocked out on the floor.

Jason and Sam sat down at Alexis’ house as he told her that her baby was still alive and that she had been right the whole time that the babies had been switched. He explained how Heather was in the woods that night burying Anthony that she got a replacement baby from Todd, who was in the woods that night too delivering a baby in distress. Sam remembered Tea. She then wondered how Jason was able to do this. He told her that he couldn’t stand listening to her blame herself so he kept studying the autopsy report and that he wanted her to get her baby back and if there was even a chance to make it right he was going to find it. He then added that he had John help him run a DNA test and they were sure. Sam then demanded to see the baby and that was when Jason told her that Heather had kidnapped him.

Later, Heather reunited with the baby in a motel room. “Steven Lars wasn’t who I thought he was,” she told the baby then added that they were going someplace where no one will ever find them.

Luke was surprised to see Duke, who he recognized immediately despite having never met him. Duke told Luke that he wanted time alone with Anna but Luke wouldn’t leave. “This is my place!” he told Duke. Anna told Duke she was living in the second bedroom. Luke then asserted that he and “Slim” were more than roommates. Anna didn’t want Duke to leave so Luke told her everything that had happened between him, Robert and Holly in front of Duke. Luke then added that he believed they have something real and he didn’t want to lose it. Then, Duke interjected that there was a problem – Anna was still his wife. Luke then told Duke how Anna had gotten over her two husbands since Duke, Robert and David Hayward. Luke and Duke then argued while Anna left to go back to work. Alone, Duke told Luke that whatever he thought he had with Anna was now over.

At his apartment, Olivia got Steve to wake up. She then called Dante and Steve gasped out that his mother had done this to him. He then told her that the baby was Sam’s but Olivia thought he was just hurt worse than she originally thought.

In bed, Lulu and Dante basked in the afterglow. They started going at it again when Maxie started pounding on the door. Dante then left to meet Olivia after she called. Maxie rushed in and told Lulu that she didn’t expect Spinelli to move on with someone so perfect for him, that she wanted to tell Spinelli that she loved him that he was the one she wanted to build her life with. But, now he was with Ellie. Lulu assured her that, “If two people are meant to be together, it’s never too late.” But, Lulu then told Maxie that if she told Spinelli everything now she should bring “a little something extra to the table” then Lulu looked pointedly at Maxie’s wedding ring. Maxie then decided that she needed to talk to Matt.

Ellie and Spinelli returned to the hospital and discuss their picnic. He told her that he was preoccupied by thoughts of a “friend” and she guessed it was Maxie. Ellie then told Spinelli that it was clear Maxie was worried that she and Spinelli had “sexual relations” and told Spinelli that the subject came up during girl talk. He told Ellie that he was actually worried about Sam. He added that she tried to get info from him but he thought Jason should deliver it. Later, Ellie mentioned that Maxie had made it clear to her she didn’t want to be friends with Spinelli anyway. Suddenly, Olivia rushed in with Steve and Dante. Steve insisted again that the baby Heather has was Sam’s, not Tea’s. Spinelli was elated and remarked how that changes everything for Jason and Sam. Later, Ellie told Spinelli that she thought Maxie missed being friends with him. Spinelli was sure Maxie wasn’t jealous and was glad he has opened himself up to life’s possibilities. Then, Spinelli and Ellie kissed.

At Alexis’ house, Jason told Sam that Heather had the baby. When John went to Llanview to tell Tea, Heather was gone and John didn’t tell Tea the baby wasn’t hers. Sam felt pain for Tea but was overjoyed that her son was alive. Jason promised her they would find Heather before it was too late. He encouraged her to think about what her son has already survived. Sam then told Jason that she might know where Heather went. She added that it was obvious Todd was blackmailed by Heather. “What if he would still do anything to keep up his end of the bargain?” Then, John arrived and told them Todd wasn’t talking. Sam asked how the baby was and he told her he was beautiful.

In Steve’s hospital room, Olivia realized her vision about Heather was right and that maybe they should take her visions more seriously. Then, Sam and Jason rushed in. Steve informed them that Heather wasn’t after money. “She is wants a family. She was acting like the baby was her own son,” Steve told Sam and Jason. Steve then added that the baby he is on medication and that they needed to find him soon.

In her motel room, Heather told the baby not to worry and that she had great big plans for him. She added that she wished Steve was coming with them, but that she did what she had to do. “You are my little do-over, the son I was always meant to have,” Heather whispered to the baby. Then, she called Todd and threatened to expose his role in her crimes if he didn’t help her with money and passports. He refused then relented and asked for the address where she and the baby were. She told him that they were at the Nightlight Motel, room 203. Later, Heather realized the baby was out of medicine.

At Todd’s, John wondered if he has heard from Heather. John then told Todd that he had security footage of Todd visiting her at Ferncliff. John assured him Tea would find out everything, including his involvement in switching the babies. Todd then ushered John out. Alone, Todd was about to call Tea when Heather called. Later, Tea showed up at his door hysterical.

In her motel room, Heather assured the baby that “Uncle Todd” was going to help them. “He has to show up if he wants to keep Tea from finding out she wasn’t your real mommy,” she told the baby. Slowly, Heather began to worry that Todd had “developed a conscience” and was double crossing her. She was also worried about getting the baby’s medicine. “Should they go get it or wait for Todd?” she asked the baby.

Luke got out of the shower in his suite and was annoyed that Duke was still hanging around. Duke apologized for the timing, but he and Anna have something real and he wasn’t ever going to give that up. Luke had a problem with that and demanded an explanation of where Duke has been. After Duke explained his captivity in a Turkish prison, Luke accused him of running a scam. “It takes a con to see a con,” Luke told Duke but Duke assured Luke that he and Anna were soul mates. “Didn’t you have a great love once? Wasn’t her name Laura? That is like Anna is to him. So why don’t you go chase after Laura and leave Anna and I alone?” Duke told Luke. Then, Luke ushered Duke out and told him that the best man would win. Duke thought he had already won, Luke just didn’t know it yet.

John told Anna in her office that Heather was in Port Charles looking for help. They agreed she would turn to Todd so Anna set up taps on Todd’s phones. She wished she had done it hours ago. John pressured her about what happened after she went home to sleep. She revealed to John that she had a visit from her “supposedly dead husband.” She then explained about Duke’s return. John was a bit doubtful, but Anna told John that she was sure it was really Duke. Still, John encouraged her to find out for sure that Duke was who he says he was. Then, they got a tip that Heather reached out to Todd and they made tracks.

Tea arrived at Todd’s door and threw herself in his arms. She was hysterical because Heather had her son. She thought since Todd saved him the night he was born and maybe he could help her now. Todd then told Tea that he had something to tell her. “I sometimes do things with the best of intentions and I specifically tried to not hurt you, but I have an unfortunate association with Heather,” Todd told Tea, who lost it again and left the room to go splash water on her face. Meanwhile, Todd struggled with what to do. So, when Tea came out, he pretended he was on the phone getting breaking news. He knew where Heather was! He stopped Tea from calling the cops but she refused to let him go alone.

Anna and John busted into Heather’s motel room, but it was empty except for baby items. Anna called it in and was pretty sure Heather intended to come back. John thought it might be a diversion and Heather was going to be anywhere. Then, the door opened and Anna pulls a gun on the opening door, but it was Tea and Todd. Tea freaked out screaming, “Where is my baby!?” John eyed Todd and asked how he found out about the hotel. Tea wondered what the hell is going on. “Are you going to tell her or should I?” John asked Todd.

Olivia and Dante were waiting to hear how Steve is doing in a hospital room. Dante assured her Steve would be fine then went back to work. Later, Heather, wearing scrubs, walked in on Olivia and locked the door. Olivia screamed for “the psycho to get away from me” but it was really Epiphany. Olivia realized it is another hallucination and tried to explain to Epiphany about her psychic visions. “Do you think you’re psychic now?” Epiphany asked Olivia, disbelievingly. She then told Olivia that she just wanted to let her know the Steve’s labs had been delayed.

At the hospital, Jason promised Sam that they would get her baby back. She was worried the baby needs his medicine. She then told Jason that she didn’t even remember what he looked like. Jason spotted Dante and left her for a moment. He returned with pictures of the baby the PCPD had on file for ID purposes. They marveled at the pictures together. Sam then added how Tea must be in agony worrying about him. But, Jason wanted her to concentrate on the good news, that her son has been loved his whole life. Then, Dante returned with a lead on Heather’s location. Then, Epiphany came up and told Dante about Olivia’s episode. Sam and Jason sat on the stairs while Dante went to Olivia’s room only to find it empty.

Heather arrived at the hospital and panicked when she saw Sam and Jason. Then, she took the baby into a stairwell and ran into Olivia where the two struggled. Heather pushed Olivia down the stars. Outside, Jason and Sam heard a thud. They found Olivia and Sam ran off after Heather. Dante came up and stayed with Olivia while Jason and Sam caught up with Heather and the baby on the roof.

Tracy went to see Luke at his suite and he filled her in on the latest. “Someone dug up Duke, washed him off and he was waiting here when I got home.” He also told Tracy that Duke still loves Anna and wants him to step aside so they can have their “magical experience.” Tracy thought Anna should choose the man she wants, but will it be “Live Luke or Dead Duke?” Luke then shared Anna’s search for Robin and his quest to find Robert with Tracy. Now, they were back and Anna is up to her eyeballs in work, looking for Joe Jr. and Heather. Tracy then admitted to Luke that Joseph was the man she had told him about, but she didn’t know it was Joe Scully at the time. “He was sweet, attractive, and wow, was he good in bed. But, he raped Kate when they were teenagers. He also murdered John McBain’s sister.” At all of this, Luke just laughed and replied, “You sure can pick ‘em!” She admitted her judgment was clouded and that she had removed a bullet from him, but then he took off when she hid him. “He is a louse, a criminal and I’m crazy about him,” Tracy added. Luke laughed again but then said that he was sorry for her, but “we sure are a pair.” Tracy blamed herself. “Joseph was too good to be true,” she said. Luke assured her that he would be back because, “No one dies in this town.”

Duke arrived at his hotel and the doctor from the Swiss clinic was there. She told him Robin was well and that she even ate something. She then asked him if his return was as pleasant for Anna as he had hoped it would be. He let her know it was far from pleasant and that she thought he was an imposter. He then added that was starting to get through to her but hen but Luke Spencer interrupted them. The doctor replied that Luke would be a problem. He then told her that he asked Luke to bow out and he refused, so now he has a fight on his hands. “Whatever her feelings for Luke are, they can’t compare to how I feel.” The doctor then told Duke that she thought he should be prepared for Anna to choose Luke over him. Duke then changed the subject to the man he asked to care for. “Whoever stitched him up should their license revoked,” she replied. Suddenly, Joe Jr. came into the room.

Tea demanded to know what was going on in the motel room. John told them an hour ago Heather called Todd’s phone from this room. Tea was confused and Todd was peppered with questions. Tea demanded an explanation as to why Heather would think Todd would help her. John wanted to tell her but Anna thought that it wasn’t the right time. But, John forged ahead and told Tea it had everything to do with her son. He began tell her the truth but Anna cut him off after she got a call. “Heather and the baby were at the hospital and there’s a hostage situation on the roof,” she said.

In the hospital stairwell, Dante screamed for help for Olivia then headed for the roof. Epiphany tended to Olivia, who screamed that she had been right, “Heather is in the hospital with the baby,” she told Epiphany.

On the hospital roof, Jason and Sam caught up with Heather. Sam got on her knees to beg and Jason asked Heather what it would take for her to give them back the baby. She replied that there were “so many things so it is hard to know what I want most. But, I will never let him go,” she replied. Heather was his mom now and they would be together forever. Then, Dante burst onto the roof with his gun drawn. Heather wanted Jason and Sam to get rid of Dante or “I will show you what I’ll be forced to do with the baby,” threatened Heather so Dante left, but Heather refused to give up the baby. She then accused Jason of never wanting the baby. “You will never be able to love Franco’s son,” she fired back but Jason screamed back, “He’s MY son, and Sam and I want him!” But, Heather still wouldn’t hand the baby over. “I’m a better parent than the two of you put together,” she replied. Sam then admitted that it was her fault Heather wasn’t with Steve and promised to get Steven Lars back for Heather if she handed over the baby.

Epiphany and Steve got Olivia to a room. Dante joined them and told them what was happening on the roof. Steve thought that he could help talk Heather down to save Sam’s baby. Epiphany was shocked to hear that Sam was the baby’s real mother. Epiphany then told them that she remembered Tea and Sam the night the babies were born.

Tea, John, Todd and Anna arrived outside at the hospital. Anna grabbed the megaphone and hoped that she wouldn’t set Heather off.

On the roof, Heather was indeed upset by Anna. “I just wanted to get you back to the motel to meet someone with money and passports,” Heather whispered to the baby. Jason then told her that there was no way out. Heather agreed and got on the ledge. “If I can’t have him, no one can,” she said. Then, she jumped!!



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