Giuliana Rancic explains why she loves changing dirty diapers

By Mallory Hatten,

E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic has been enjoying spending time with her baby son, Edward Duke, and that includes changing his stinky diapers.

PEOPLE reports that Giuliana and her husband Bill welcomed their bouncing baby boy into the world on August 29 via gestational surrogate, after experiencing several unexpected health complications. But the mom is healthier and happier than ever, and admits – of all things – she loves when her son poops.

“This is so gross, but I love when he poops. They make these noises and I’m always like, ‘Bill, here he goes. Tape this, tape this!’ And he’s like, ‘Must we tape this?’” the proud momma shares. “It’s such a good feeling because it shows that he’s healthy and he’s regular and things are looking good.”

When reminiscing about the first time they laid eyes on Duke, the TV host gets sappy. “When he came out and we saw him for the first time, it was just tears of joy all around. Bill had the very important job of cutting his umbilical cord – and banking his cord blood – and I got to hold him first to do skin to skin.”

According to the Huffington Post, Giuliana is also very protective of her little man’s future, admitting, “I’m already worried about situations that aren’t happening for 16 years.”

Photo Courtesy of INFDaily.com



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