Halle Berry talks working with Tom Hanks on 'Cloud Atlas,' did they smoke pot?

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Monsters Ball actress Halle Berry and Academy Award winner Tom Hanks have reportedly been engaging in some ‘high times.’

Jay Leno questioned the Cloud Atlas actress when she appeared on The Tonight Show if she and her Atlas co-star had smoked pot together, Us Weekly reports.

“I read this week that you smoked pot with Tom Hanks…What is that? The All-American Boy Tom Hanks!” the talk-show host joked.

Berry sidestepped the question at first, pressing Leno to admit if he ever smoked marijuana before. “Have you ever smoked pot?" she pressed. "Come on, Jay, sometimes you smoke some pot."

Finally she admitted, “I did. I smoked pot with Tom Hanks...in this movie.”

Smoking pot and swearing, the two award-winning actors seem to have it all in the upcoming epic film, directed by Tom Tykwer and Andy Wachowski.

Hanks was recently blasted for accidentally dropping the “f bomb” on Good Morning America when Elizabeth Vargas pressed him to do one of his famous accents.

Cloud Atlas hits theaters October 26.



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