Hilary Duff enjoys being a young mom

By Mallory Hatten,

Former Disney star, Hilary Duff, may have given birth to son Luca Cruz – with husband Mike Comrie - in her early twenties, but that doesn’t mean she has any regrets. In fact, the proud mother said she’s glad that she is having this experience at this time in her life.

People reports that Duff chatted with Parents magazine about being a young mom and the possibility of more babies in the future.

“I don’t have a lot of people my age who have babies. So I’m at a totally different spot than a lot of my friends,” Duff said. “I don’t really know what the alternative is. I do have a lot of energy, I feel great, and I had a really easy pregnancy.”

But getting into a routine hasn’t always been the easiest adjustment. The 25-year-old actress revealed that she was caught up in a two-week “high” following the birth of her little man, but since having to learn to the ropes, Duff said she’s willing to help out any baby she meets.

“I’ll step up to the plate when there’s a screaming baby and he needs something. It’s an automatic reaction: What?! Anything. I’ll do it.”

And as for the future, Duff hasn’t completely ruled out the thought of more babies in the family. “I want to have more kids and I’m looking forward to doing that, but I’m not in any rush,” Duff said. “I think sometimes maybe if you start a little later you’re in a hurry to get all the kids you want, and I have a little time to spread that out.”



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