Hulk Hogan seeks FBI to pursue culprit in sex-tape leak

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Hulk Hogan is pursuing action against whoever leaked his sex tape to the media.

TMZ reports that the former professional wrestler has contact the FBI after the Florida Police couldn’t assist him in finding the culprit after he filed a report.

TMZ notes that the police were unable to assist him because the tape was recorded in 2006; therefore the four year statute of limitations had expired. Also, the issue of the video's distribution without his consent is a federal offense, not a state.

Hulk plans to meet with the FBI come Monday.

The sex tape was released online less than 10 days ago, stirring controversy as viewers could clearly see that the woman he was bedding was clearly not his wife, Linda. Instead, viewers witnessed the blonde haired muscle man bedding that of Heather Clem, wife of friend DJ the Love Sponge.

Just one week ago, Clem spoke out regarding the tape saying she was “devastated” that friends and family now know that she slept with someone as “cheesy” as the pro-wrestler.

Hogan has since issued a seize and desist letter to Gawker, the online site that originally published the video after an anonymous source handed over the footage desiring no attention or monetary compensation.



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