Jack Osbourne saves a life while honeymooning

By Megan Kummer,

For just-married Jack Osbourne, his honeymoon getaway wasn’t all rest and relaxation. The slimmed-down son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne experienced quite the thrill when assisting in the rescue of a drowning swimmer.

26-year-old Jack married Lisa Stelly, the mother of 5-month old daughter Pearl, in Hawaii on Sunday. The newlyweds decided to stick around the Hawaiian islands post-ceremony for their honeymoon. According to Perez Hilton, things apparently got serious yesterday on the sandy shores when a woman suffered a heart attack while at sea.

Jack and a friend resuscitated the drowning victim who is now reportedly in stable condition.

Lisa was a proud wife earlier today, expressing how fiercely proud she was of Jack’s courage and selflessness.

E! Online and Hello Magazine both report that before Jack’s amazing lifesaving venture, Osbourne and Stelly swapped vows in an intimate ceremony that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hualalai. The nuptials were attended by close family and friends, who had been sworn to secrecy about the event’s date and location. Jack even tried to throw the Twitter world off the scent, tweeting on Friday that the trip was merely a vacation with his mother.

Jack’s mother Sharon, father, Ozzy, and sister Kelly were all in attendance, with Kelly serving as bridesmaid. The site of the ceremony was just a short plane ride away from Maui where parents Ozzy and Sharon had tied the knot thirty years ago.



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