Jane Fonda signs on for ABC sitcom

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Actress Jane Fonda has signed on for a sitcom pilot for ABC.

The Wrap reports that the sitcom will be entitled Now What?. Her previous excursion into TV was with the HBO drama series The Newsroom.

What?, which Fonda will also executive produce, focuses on a woman who calls out her mother on all of the horrible moments she caused in her life via an online blog. As a result, the mother moves in with her and refuses to leave until they work things out.

Digital Spy stated that the concept is similar to the CBS series $#*! My Dad Says, which stars William Shatner as a man who moves in with his son.

Fonda will also play former First Lady Nancy Reagan in the drama The Butler. The film is based on an article written by Eugene Allen, who worked in the White House over 30 years under a number of presidents.

Alan Rickman will play former President Ronald Reagan, while Allen will be played by Forest Whitaker.



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