Jeff Probst “guilty’ about “spectacular” home

By Mallory Hatten,

Survivor host Jeff Probst may be required to spend loads of time in exotic, worldly locations for his job, but when it comes to everyday life, the television star said he feels “guilty” for living in his beautiful Los Angeles estate.

People reports that Probst’s grandeur home boasts 10,000 square feet and is “spectacular,” according to the television host. He even admitted to feeling “guilty, at times” for living in such a nice place.

The house also has a very interesting history. “This home was owned and built by the late great Gene Autry,” Probst revealed. And what’s the best part? “Outside,” the 51-year-old bragged, which showcases a huge brick patio with a massive pool. “This is most definitely the house Survivor built, and I owe [producer] Mark Burnett a giant thank you for putting me in a situation to be able to live in a house like this,” the star said.

Probst, who recently began his very own daytime talk show, lives in the spacious abode with his wife Lisa Ann Russell and her two kids from a previous marriage, Michael, 8, and Ava, 6.

And although he enjoys living in his super nice residence, the host has been busy promoting and filming the new season of Survivor. Entertainment Weekly reports that the newest season of Survivor: Philippines is on its fourth episode, and Probst gave a sneak peek into what fans can expect for the upcoming episode. “I can tell you that it is dramatic and I did find it emotional and it does change the game. That enough?”

Photo Courtesy of Twitpic.com



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