Jennifer Hudson, President Obama comment on Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey ‘American Idol’ feud

By Daniel S Levine,

Celebrities are still commenting on the American Idol feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Even President Obama had to answer questions about it.

NBC News reports that Obama was asked by radio host Michael Yo if he could “repair the relationship” between the two pop stars.

“I think that they are going to be able to sort it out, I am confident,” Obama said. “I'm all about bringing people together, working for the same cause, I think both outstanding artists are going to be able to make sure that they're moving forward and not going backwards.”

Yo asked if the president had a favorite. He replied, “Mariah, she's actually done some events for us. I've gotten to know her and Nick (Cannon), she's a wonderful lady. Nicki I don't know, but I've got her on my iPod.”

While the president might have taken the feud seriously, Jennifer Hudson, a former Idol contestant, thinks that it’s all for show.

“I don't believe it,” the Dreamgirls actress recently told TMZ. “I think it's just for ratings for the show.”

Last week, Stevie Nicks chimed in, saying that if she was Carey, “... I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there.”

However, Nicks later backtracked and apologized.

“I want to apologize for my remarks about Nicki Minaj's behavior toward Mariah Carey which I said during a long and exhausting day of interviews,” the Fleetwood Mac singer said. “It was very out of character for me and I deeply regret what I said. I feel very protective toward Mariah Carey who has gone through many difficulties in her life and I spoke without thinking. I think all artist should be respectful toward one another and that includes me. I am truly sorry.”



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