Jessica Simpson's father Joe at the center of gay rumors

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

In the wake of news that Fashion Star judge, Jessica Simpson’s parents will divorce, a man has come forward alleging to be her father Joe’s gay lover.

New York Daily News reported that 21-year-old male model Bryce Chandler Hill has come forward to brag about dating the manger-papa Joe.

The news comes just moments after his wife, Tina, filed paperwork saying that the couple will divorce.

According to Radar Online, Joe and Bryce met through a mutual friend of daughter’s Ashlee and Jessica.

In addition to the rumors, not only are the two dating, but Bryce is reportedly using Joe to further his career. A source revealed that Bryce claims he’s been dating Joe for roughly a year and absolutely loves to boast about it because he loves being the center of attention. He has also been quick to tell anyone that will listen that he is using Joe to climb the showbiz ladder.

“Bryce is desperate to become famous, he’s done lots of modeling shoots and wants to become an actor," the source stated. “When he met Joe, he knew what a good job he had done in managing Jessica and Ashlee’s careers and wanted a piece of the pie himself….But the sad thing is, he mocks and laughs at Joe behind his back. He doesn’t care for him in the same way Joe does about him.”



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