Jill Zarin confronts Andy Cohen in one on one interview on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ (Video)

By Adeline Waugh,
Quote possibly the most awkward ‘WWHL’ Bravo fans have ever encountered?

Last night after the airing of the lively Real Housewives Of New York’ reunion part two, Bravo aired a previously taped one on one interview between their own, Andy Cohen and former Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin.

For those who don’t know, Jill Zarin was a red-haired and whiny voiced drama starter who was a member of the New York Real Housewives from seasons one through four. In my humble opinion, the interview consisted of Zarin and her inflated ego badgering Cohen for 30 minutes about his audacity in firing her. It seems in Jill’s mind, the heads at Bravo were crazy for firing her because the show has suffered without her. I am fairly certain this is untrue but I digress.

What I believe Jill should have done was come to the interview with humility and grace while attempting to present herself in a charming light. Onto what actually happened, Jill did the contrary. Jill left me with a sour taste and an uncomfortable feeling, as she was basically giving herself undeserved and delusional praise throughout the entire interview. Jill was repeatedly insulting Andy’s show to his face in saying that the show’s ratings have suffered without her.

She awkwardly accuses Andy of trying to replace her with cast member, Heather Thompson, but adds that Thompson is ‘not really Jewish because she didn’t convert’. Zarin continued throwing accusations at Cohen when the subject of her ex-best friend and former cast mate, Bethenny Frankel came up. Jill accused Andy Cohen of taking Bethenny’s side throughout their feud in season four; as well as calling him out for being friends with Frankel and going out to dinner with her etc.

Cohen tweeted last night, “I go to great lengths to treat the Housewives equally so I was anxious to hear why Jill felt like I chose sides w/ she & Bethenny. #WWHL”. I truly knew Zarin had a huge chip on her shoulder and perhaps a paranoid personality disorder when she called out Cohen for favoring Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Lisa Vanderpump’s dog, ‘Giggy’ over her Chihuahua, Ginger.

As a fan of the show, I was surprised when Zarin admitted that she perpetuated her fight with Bethenny because she thought that it made good television; going as far as approaching the producers and excitedly telling them she was going to have this huge fight with Bethenny to increase ratings. Ironically, Cohen confessed to Jill that part of her firing was the fact that audiences were displeased with the negative vibes the show was giving off. If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear (so much for being unbiased) I was very team Bethenny during this feud.

Upon hearing that Zarin created that whole mess for ratings I am very confident in my position on team Bethenny. Yesterday while Jill was tweeting everyone she has ever spoken to in her life, begging them to tune in to her ‘WWHL’ interview, Bethenny href=https://twitter.com/Bethenny/status/257826533341814784>tweeted, “Does it ever amaze you what desperate people will do to stay relevant?”. This was most likely aimed at her former friend, Zarin.

The interview was a culmination of deluded bragging on Zarin’s part, and Andy Cohen politely suffering through the awkward accusations, most likely due to his knowledge that such an uncomfortable debate would incur high ratings.

Check out the interview and weigh in with your thoughts.



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