J.K. Rowling's 'Casual Vacancy' movie rumors swirling

By Matthew Dougherty,

It was only a matter of time before J.K. Rowling’s next foray into literature, The Casual Vacancy sparked rumors of film adaptations, considering a certain boy wizard magically made the pockets everyone involved a lot fuller.

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that rumors are starting to come up of which studio might be picking up Rowling’s new novel.

A U.K. tabloid called the Sunday Express reported that there was a $1.6 million deal with Warner Bros.

But the studio, who adapted all seven of Rowling’s Harry Potter novels into eight films, said that is a “100 percent fabrication.”

Someone inside the Rowling camp said that no discussions have taken place for a film adaptation. However, that may be exactly what Rowling wants.

"Personally, I don’t think this is a very filmable book. That is one of the things I like about it. I think it’s a very novelly novel in that a lot of what goes on happens internally,” the author told USA Today.

Since its release, The Casual Vacancy has divided critics everywhere.



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