Joey Fatone reacts to getting the boot from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

By Daniel S Levine,

Joey Fatone was the latest all star to get kicked off of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night. The singer said that he had a great time back on the show and thanked his fans for their support.

According to People, it looked like Bristol Palin and her partner, Mark Ballas, would be the next to go after they earned a score of 18 Monday night. But Fatone’s Charlie Chaplin-inspired routine was not enough, even if it did earn a 22.5 score.

“I'll miss everybody out here. Everybody was great. I had a great time,” he said. “I'm actually going to a wedding tomorrow so I don't give a damn! I'm going to have a good time.”

He told his partner, Kym Johnson, that he didn’t let her down. “We had a great time. People said I was fun, and that's all that matters.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the former NSYNC singer said, “I said at the beginning, as long as I don’t go first I am happy. I think we did the best of our abilities. We are not disappointed in what we did. We are disappointed because we had so much more to do.”

Johnson added, “We work well together and we have all these great ideas.” Fatone shrugged his shoulders, adding, “sh– happens.”

On Twitter, he wrote, “thanks for all your love n support and votes but my ass got kicked off DWTS tonight lol . It is what it is. Had a great time!”

He then wished 98 Degrees singer Drew Lachey luck in the rest of the show.

While Fatone is disappointed, he was able to laugh it off, tweeting Wednesday, “Very funny a friend said to me I know what DWTS stands for ... Don't Watch That Show! Lol cracked me up but have please do watch it :)”

DWTS airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays. Fatone can next be seen on TV as host of Live Well Network’s My Family Recipe Rocks.



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