Justin Bieber, the latest victim of 'swatting'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Another case of “Swatting” has occurred, and this time Justin Bieber was the victim.

“Swatting” refers to the action when another person calls the police when no emergency actually occurs. The phone call results in the police and/or SWAT team rushing to the house in order to attend the emergency that never exists.

According to TMZ, someone called the police Tuesday night saying that someone was in front of the pop star's house waving a gun. Police sent out cars, helicopters and back-up enforcement to survey the area.

Police determined after doing a complete sweep of the singer's home that it was a simple act of “swatting.” TMZ notes that law enforcement also surveyed the area and yards of nearby homes.

According to police, the call was made via an app which the deaf can use to text in phone calls.

Last week, Ashton Kutcher also had the police called on his house when a caller said that a gunman was inside the home holding at least three other people hostage. Miley Cyrus was also the victim of “swatting” in August.



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